PESJP Patch 2013 Version 3.01 (released 02/26)

PesJP 2013 - 1 2013-01-30

New features :
Bannerserver now supports both of teams : home and away.
Stadiumserver : allow to use unlimited stadium. GDB system.
Fit official patch 1.03 + DLC 3.00
Gameplay tool 3.30
New graphic + new design
New 20 scoreboards for scoreboard server
Transfers up-to-date
4300 faces & hairs in GDB folder
81 HD boots
New mode UEFA Europa League :
Selectable in top menu
Correct UEFA Europa teams
Correct Intro

New league :
Argentina Primera Division : selectable in FL – Copa Libertadores

This’s All-in-one version. If you have old version installed :

Delete your old “PESJP 2013” folder before install the new one.

Download PESJP Patch 2013 Version 3.00 + 3.01 : (12 parts – 2.26Gb)




Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :
Part 6 :
Part 7 :
Part 8 :
Part 9 :
Part 10 :
Part 11 :
Part 12 :

Update 3.01 : 

Fix bug for stadiumserver
Add Napoli in UEFA EL mode
Update some missing tranfers
Fix Sigurdsson’s face
Update structure for Brazil’s leagues…e3.01.rar.html

Installation guide : 

  • Extract with Winrar
  • Install both file :
    • PESJP_Patch_2013_v3_00_part_1.exe
    • PESJP_Patch_2013_v3_00_part_2.exe

Addon High Quality Graphic exe patch (for good PC only)…patch.rar.html

(Addon Chantpack for PESJP Patch : 9 parts – 1.57Gb)

 Zippyshare :

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  1. sorry for my english. the patch work perfectly but when i put the italian commentary by lagun in the game andrun pesjpatch this one crash. when i unistall pesjpatch the game work perfectly same with the italian commentary, why? thanks for your response and sorry for my basic english

  2. hola… una pregunta xq se me tilda o lagea el pes 2013 cuando juego un partido o juego una liga master?
    requisito de mi maquita
    4 gb ram
    1 gb de video ati 5450 hd
    me gustaria q me ayudes en mi problema…muy buenos trabajo felicitaciones!!!

  3. Jenkey you make great patches with nice graphic,full leagues,but i have question:Why so many crashes at Become a Legend and Master League? Can i download it and play relax witouth crashes?

  4. plz make a great patch in which we can have every things kits boots faces new graphics new gameplay and every thing which makes a patch complete.plz make it next time

  5. The game does not run Please help. Which exe to use? When I run through launcher, nothing comes. If I start with pesJP, it says systems does not meet requirements. If I start with default pes2013.exe it says dynamic library failed to initialize. What do I do>

  6. i’ve got the same prob as Petropt…y cant it start???!!! i did everythg right like always but it just doesnt start!!!! pls help!!!

  7. The “Addon High Quality Graphic exe patch” won’t work on my system, the game won’t run after Addon installation, anyone know how to solve?