PES Stadium Modifier v0.6 by Panos

I present to you my new tool: PES Stadium Modifier
It’s a tool that can be used to modify some more parameters and info about the stadiums (like seat color) that wasn’t possible before.

How to use:
Open 3342.bin file from dt07.img, and PES2013.exe.

v0.1 – Seat color added
v0.3 – Shader options added, Support for all exe, Licenced information
v0.5 – Added File System, you can now modify the bins your stadium uses.
——- Added expanded unnamed_3342.bin file, in order to edit all available konami stadiums.
——- Added Information about Capacity, Locale, ID of stadiums (limited to existing stadiums).
v0.6 – Added support for 1.03 exe from RELOADED.
——- Added option to change a stadium crowd to be flipped or not.

Known bugs: none yet

Programming, Research: Panos
Thanks to liberostelios (stemar) for letting me use his pestools library.


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  1. You are amazing man!!! .. I was waiting for a tool like this one… thank you !! .. is there a way to change the angle of player shadow in day matches?

  2. Hi Panos! ..How did you flip the crowd?.. is it possible to flip the player shadow as well? .. i can flip the other light sources..but i m stuck on player shadow.. please help :)