PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.5 Blue by fadi alkam

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.5 Blue by fadi alkam

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.5 Change log:

– added latest konami exe 1.03
– completed winter transfers
– fixed some mixed up kits
– added Eerste Divisie in 2D installer
– added Hajduk Split club
– added India national team
– added Cape Verde national team
– added a lot of new players
– added new faces
– added new ball: Adidas Katlego CAF 2013
– added new ball: Adidas Cafusa
– updated all boots
– new style national flags by ali.chila
– some minor tweaks

Download PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.5 Blue by fadi alkam :

SMoKE update 5.1.5:
* full 5.1 must be installed first / here
* this includes previous updates (no need for 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4)

Password for rar files: smoke

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  1. This update does not work online. The Onlinematch cancel in a few seconds after beginning. I set the Options on online Mode bevor I start the Game. Please make the Patch online compatibly like the last Kitserver Version, THX

  2. the best patch is smoke patch keep your great work dude you are the best and my best friend ever and ever:).sorry for my monkey english

  3. First I think this patch is one of the best for PES2013. You did a great job. The only problem I have is that a onlinematch cancel after a few seconds after beginning although I switch the patch to onlinemode. Is there anybodyelse who have the same Problem or if it functions with you?

  4. Why Partizan,Red Star,Hajduk Split..not playing in Euro competition(Europa league and Champions league)?? And Heerenveen in Eerste Divisie have wrong kits(Groningen kits) fix that!! Thank You.

  5. Esta todo bien los felicito por su trabajo, pero no se si a alguien mas les sucede, cuando voy a modo editar jugador y quiero ver su cara me bota del juego un ejemplo es en las defensas del Corinthians y en otros jugadores tambien sucede que aparece con las caras invisibles o con huecos….Alguien me podria dar una solucion o de repente e instalado mal el pach 5.1.5

  6. It’s all right I commend you for your work, but not if someone else happens when I go to edit player mode and I see your face I boot the game is an example Corinthians defenses and other players also happen to appear with invisible faces and holes …. Someone could give me a solution or suddenly and installed wrong pach 5.1.5

  7. Unfortunately it contains a trojan (rd.dll)if you want to force play disable ur Antivirus then start the game as administrator!cit works for me.

  8. Waleed Fathy
    In many cases, the claim of a virus is a so-called “false positive.” That is, the anti-virus program reported a virus that isn’t really there. In fact, there is no virus at all, but the anti-virus program thinks there is. All anti-virus programs will occasionally report “false positives.”

  9. Again kit errors :)
    Atletico Goianiense – Olhanense
    Corithias – Atletico Mineiro
    Coritiba – Vitoria
    Figueirese – Swansea
    Heereveen – Groningen
    VVV Venlo – Heracles
    Villem II – RKC

  10. Best 2013 patch by far…and it also unlocks boots for Master League so you don’t start a campaign with everyone putting on the same boots..

  11. hello fadi alkam. I install blue smoke but when I run my pes 2013 it dosen’t work. Can you help me with this problem. thx.

  12. Hallo, very great Patch Thank You! Where can I find the “SMoKE Patch Online fixer” to download? I need this Online Fix because the Game crashes after a view seconds starting a Online Match.

  13. Hi Man how i can change the music from the kitserver i dont find the dt02

    plss help me i want to change the music