PES 2013 Camera Maker v0.1 by Panos

A new tool that allows you to create a new camera, or modify an existing one.

The functions of this program are:


In this tool, you don’t need to load an existing camera file in order to make yours. You can create a camera animation from scratch. Just select the number of frames you want by using the slider bar above, and press create!

Make Animation

With this option, you apply the Rotation and Position settings to all of your frames. However, this is not the only thing it does. As it’s name sais, you can make a new animation for the camera. For example, you can apply the below settings:

The result will be that your camera will start at Frame 0 with values as t=0, and will end at the last frame with values as t=1!

Hint: Leave the textbox empty, so that there will be no changes to a certain setting.

Applies your changes only at your selected frame

You can load an existing camera object from KONAMI, so that you can modify it however you want.

Camera files are mostly .obj files found in bins in dt09.img (like unnamed_184.bin to unnamed_190.bin for intro cameras)

XP Compatible
NET Framework 2.0 required

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