MSL 2013 Patch v4.0 by RaZoR

MSL 2013 Patch v4.0 by RaZoR

Full Features:

*Compatible with DLC 3.00 and Konami 1.03
*Included latest kitserver13 v13.3.1.0
*New League: Malaysia Super League & Malaysia Premier League
*New National Team: Malaysia, Malaysia U22, Classic Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar (AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Teams) *New Club: Pelita Jaya
*New League: Bundesliga (Replace Eredivise)
*Complete AFC Champion League Clubs 2013
*New kit for MSL club 2013 season
*Created a lot of missing player for MSL and MPL clubs
*Winter Transfer for almost clubs
*Malaysia and Indonesia Nationality playable in BAL
*New Supporter Banner – Malaysia, Pahang, Darul Takzim, Selangor, Perak
*New Chants – Malaysia, Pahang, Kelantan, Johor, Selangor
*New Stadium – Buktit Jalil, Darul Makmur, Shah Alam (In-Game Stadium)
*New Adboards for every Stadium
*Auto Corner Flag by Ali Hector
*Add a lot of new face for Malaysian player and others
*81 HD boots by Nilton1248
*New balls
*New Goalkeeper Gloves
*Remove blur effect
*New Scoreboards – ESPN HD, Astro Arena, Fifa
*New Selector – Disable/Enable Online Widget and Boot Boosting, Gameplay Settings


Download Links MSL 2013 Patch v4.0 by RaZoR :…part1.rar.html…part2.rar.html…part3.rar.html…part4.rar.html…part5.rar.html…part6.rar.html

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Part 6:

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  1. wow..dah lah patch cntik..ada winter transfer lagi..terbaik..transfer jak pntg..baru best main ML..100like for this patch..

  2. tolong saya cara nk susun balik nama2 yg tunggang terbalik tu…saya nk update DLC 3.00 pon tk bole…saya bukan download,saya beli..tolong saya

  3. admin razor mohon buang sekejap ads utk part no 5. saya tak boleh nak download terlalu banyak iklan