CL and EL Copa 2013 adboards by majuh

This mod inserts the 2013 Champions League, Europa League and Copa Libertadores adboards into PES 2013.

CreditsHeineken boards by Hicksville. Created by majuh



How to install :

Copy the files unnamed_2719.bin and unnamed_2725.bin into dt0f.img in your kitserver folder. Delete any existing unnamed_2724.bin. In order to use these adboards with Jenkeys Gameplay Tool you need to disable the Adboard Server module.

Unfortunately this mod isn’t compatible with other adboard mods. If you want to integrate these adboards into another mod, keep in mind that I’ve changed the UCL, UEL, USC and CSL blocks in unnamed_2725.

* updated the Copa Libertadores adboards and fixed a minor bug with UEFA Super Cup adboards.

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