Celtic Park in stadium server format by shawminator

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  1. install into ..

    C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\Gameplay tool\GDB\stadiums

    place the Celtic folder into the stadiums folder/ you might need to add the stadium folder. But what I found was missing was a MAP its a text file that sits in the GDB folder / create a text file with notepad in the file put

    stadium.count = 1
    [stadium name]
    1 = Celtic Park

    Then in just before you pick the team – hit F1 and then move through the stadium names until you get Celtic then just got pick your teams as per usual.

  2. 1.3, weird thing is if i install the game to another folderthe gameplay tool will atach but then the game wont start up

  3. I also have that problem! i can´t attach!! unrecognized exe file.. i have pesedit 4.1 , any solution? thanks!!