Adidas Finale WEMBLEY 2013 Final Match Ball Champions League,

created and designed in FullHD and HD SKILLS_ROONEY for Pes2013 PC

and support PES2012-2011 & 2010 !

*In kitserver folder

Copy and paste the folder of kitserver dt0b.img, renaming the ball with the id of your choice
example: “unnamed_x.bin” or “Finale_Wembley13_x.bin” or “ball_x.bin” the “X” is the ID of your choice

*In GDB Ballfolder, only copy the previous archvio ball.bin and balls inside the GDB folder ballfolder
according to the denomination they have in their folders, yasea “adidas or Champions league” and placed on the map with the ID of your choice

Enjoy and Fuck rippers … bastards! hehehe ..!

Viva Mexico Cabrones!! and PES too ..!!

Contraseña/Password: maestro_skills_rooney

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