Patch 2013 Online Patch

Features :
– Complete Pesgalaxy 2013 1.11 Patch included (see Release notes)
– Original names, logos, kits for all unlicensed teams
– 1. und 2. Bundesliga added (Only kits and logos online)
– DLC 3.00 und 1.03 Exe included
– Separate Patch, Save and DLC Folder (other patches are not affected by the patch)
– Works online

Patch Team :

Credits :
Barcafan,Jenkey1102, w!ld@, juce, Ercan Ayan(, SKILLS_ROONEY, Hawke, 1002MB, Dynamoforever, klashman69, Harrienak and all kit and face makers

If you don’t want any of your works in this patch, tell me and I will remove it.

Download Patch 2013 Online Patch :

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  1. bialasu yes ist included…. bravo bravo bravo best patch ever you must make this earlier…. this is great!my recommendations…

  2. =======For Windows 8=======
    After installation patch go to: KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/ 2013 online/dokan/

    Run “DokanInstall_0.6.0” as administrator in windows 7 comatibility mode and install.

    Enjoy the game!

  3. who made this patch plz the kits from english premier league and put bundesliga like bayern muchen borusia dortmund plz do this and this would be the perfect patch

  4. @Joka Dortmund

    Could you please give us a little help! i put my login id and password what should i have to do on the Key: do i have to put any key from the net or i need to have the original dvd for the game to play ??

  5. To play online and nescessário have; **** The orginal CD key or unique game *****, otherwise not possible to play online with the patch, “google translator”

  6. Please add this, or how do I teach, and which folder do I edit logos, ok! adbords also add the patch is very good so missing it!