Patch 2013 Online Patch Patch 2013 Online Patch Patch 2013 Online Patch

Features :
– Complete Pesgalaxy 2013 1.11 Patch included (see Release notes)
– Original names, logos, kits for all unlicensed teams
– 1. und 2. Bundesliga added (Only kits and logos online)
– DLC 3.00 und 1.03 Exe included
– Separate Patch, Save and DLC Folder (other patches are not affected by the patch)
– Works online

Patch Team :

Credits :
Barcafan,Jenkey1102, w!ld@, juce, Ercan Ayan(, SKILLS_ROONEY, Hawke, 1002MB, Dynamoforever, klashman69, Harrienak and all kit and face makers

If you don’t want any of your works in this patch, tell me and I will remove it.

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