PES 2013 Liberty Stadium by luocheng

The Liberty Stadium is a purpose-built sports stadium and conferencing venue in the Landore area of Swansea, Wales.

The home of Swansea City and the Ospreys.

As a result of Swansea City’s promotion the stadium is the first Premier League ground in Wales.

It is the second smallest stadium in the Premier League after Loftus Road.

* Fixed stadium, added night mode and put HD turf ;)

* Thanks to oliver14 for sky

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  1. I’ve tried it, it replaces Estadio Urbano Caldeira – Santos FC.

    WHY??? Why oh why do you stadium creators put so much time and effort into making these works of art, and then replace an official fully licensed stadium? There are plenty of unlicensed stadiums, why don’t you replace one of those instead? It’s not just you, plenty of other people are replacing licensed stadia.

    I would happily use this stadium if it replaced Konami Stadium, Royal London, Bristol Mary, Rose Park etc.

    Is there a way we can change which stadium is replaced?

    Thanks for your efforts but please have some common sense in your stadium selection.


  2. Thanks JohnSound
    Unfortunately I have Bloomfield road replacing Estadio Urbano Caldeira so have to choose one or the other. I think but am not sure,you have to find corresponding bin numbers of the stadium you wish to replace.I would imagine this is very time consuming but if there’s an easier way I would love to know.