Kitserver by Jenkey1002 & Juce [EARLY BUILD version]

Kitserver by jenkey1002

Kit Server 13 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 DEMO).

It is a loader and manager for various modules, where each module is built as a (typically) independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect. While originally the Kitserver was developed to “serve” kits Pro Evolution Soccer 3, a lot more functionality has been added over the years.


Available module : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides, fserv, kserv
Support  : PES2013 demo 1, PES2013 v1.00, PES2013 v1.01, PES2013 v1.02

Changelog :

Update : fit PES2013 v1.02

This’s test version (early-build). New version which supports PES2013 1.03 will coming later. Please try and feedback, I’m not sure I didn’t forget anything cause about 2 months I haven’t touched PES’s modding . (-.-!)

Download Kitserver by jenkey1002 :

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  1. A maioria já está com a versão 1.03, bem que poderiam ter pensado nisso antes. Agora vamos ter que esperar mais tempo :/

  2. @jls : you don’t know read ? he said ” This’s test version (early-build). New version which supports PES2013 1.03 will coming later “

  3. Teadie 289,

    I understand what you mean, I have the game since it was released. My point here is we should blame KONAMI for the missing licenses, the total unrealistic stats of some players and on and on. This guys are doing us a favour.

  4. I have the patch 1.03 but i have replace it and uninstall it with the 1.02 patch , it works … The kitserver is great… Thank you Jenkey1002 & Juce

  5. Some really ungrateful people here. As far as I know Jenkey & Juce don’t work for Konami, they don’t make any money from your PES purchase. You should count yourselves lucky that they put so much time and effort into this and that you can all have it for FREE. So what if you have to wait a little while, if these guys weren’t around you would be waiting forever.

    Be thankful, appreciate the hard work of others.

  6. @seth, if you spend a couple of seconds more of your (precious time) to read the description before downloading you would know that it does not work with 1.03 and you would have spared your (precious) bandwith…

  7. Hey, just be grateful some people are doing this in their spare time and dont charge you 50$ per patch or tool!! 1.03 on the way…as written in the text….be cool!!!!!