Cheaters are banned from PES 2013 online


Over the course of the past 18 months it has become apparent that there are a small, but active portion of the loyal and passionate PES Community who have been manipulating the online systems for their own personal gain to ensure they remained at the top of the Online Tables and spoilt the online experience for other players.

Once this fault in the system became apparent to us here at the Konami EU offices, we set about putting in place a process that could stop this from happening. We wanted to make sure there were no knee-jerk reactions and whatever policies we created were fair to the entire community and that we would do our best to ensure that all the players who use the online system fairly were no longer punished. We sought regular advice from our colleagues at official UK community site PES Fan, from other trusted community sites like OPE, WENB, PESianity and many others and put together a system that we hope will begin to erase the problem of unsporting behaviour on the site.

The operation policy that has been created can be viewed here: PES 2013 Policy

As of today, 325 players have now been banned from online play on PES 2013 and thanks to your constant feedback, this number will be revised on an almost daily basis. The submission process for reporting players you suspect of cheating has now been improved and also sped up considerably to ensure repeat offenders are banned or suspended from using the service. This form can be found here:

Rest assured this is an issue we take very seriously here at Konami. We’re grateful to all PES fans for their patience while we got this whole system up and running. It’s not been easy as we’ve had to share your frustrations without being able to feedback the info we wanted. It may also take time for some players data to be removed from leagues etc as we need to make sure it doesn’t affect those who have suffered in the same way. But we’re pleased to announce that progress has been made and will continue to be made.

Thanks for all your help and support over the last few weeks and for reminding us all what we already know – that the PES Community is King.

PES Team @

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