How To Play PES 2013 patched content/online with 1.02 Official Patch

Tutorial by figo123

A guide in order to to have correct kits/logos/play online,etc using 1.02 exe:

1. Download KFS (Kitserver File System) (created also by Juce). Download Link and Instructions:

2. Download PES EDIT PES 2013 Patch or any other patch
(which do not uses GDB folder (KFS is not compatible with GDB server):

3. Update your PES game with Konami’s 1.02 patch:

4. Delete any PESEDIT/Kitserver related file/folder on your game’s folder. Delete all contents from C:\Users\XXX\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save. Make sure that when you install PESEDIT 1.0 patch (wait for installation instructions), only EDIT.bin file is there, no other files are needed there since it could cause game to crash since first patch was intended for DLC 1.0

5. You need to have DLC 2.0 already installed on a previous PES installation, if so, cut alll contents (do not copy) on C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download to main/real IMG PES 2013 folder (In order for KFS to read dt0f.img properly)

5. Install PESEDIT 1.0 to an incorrect folder (NOT where actual game is installed).

6. Copy all Folder contents C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver13\pesedit\img, where C:\Program Files\XXXX is where you installed PES EDIT 1.0 patch, remember it should not be the correct game folder.

7. Paste all contents to KFS root folders: D:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kfs\example-root1, this should be the folder where your actual game is installed.

If you would like to play online, you will need to download these files extracted from PESEDIT 2.4:

You would need to drop bins (not folder) to dt0f.img on actual KFS root folder.

8. Download PES Editor 2.0:

9. Open Edit.BIN located in such as C:\Users\XXX\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save

10. Click File Menu, Select Change DLC Version (select 2.0) click change, then SAVE.

11. Open PES 2013, you should see correct kits/logos for most teams and you should be able to play online also with correct kits/names.

KFS is such a great tool to use since it works with any kind and future .exes, so we do not need to wait for a Kitserver update no more!

Credits to PESEDIT and JUCE.

FYI: Also you can drop patched contents such as nets, turfs, etc to proper KFS root folder and you will have back most of PES magical content, as you would do it with Kitserver.

Enjoy! ;)

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  1. Please make a video on Youtube in order to understand this method. And one question. Can you play online with this stuff with pirated PES 2013?

  2. @Invincible94:
    I tried this method, it works but it crashes often

    To play online mode you need a official serial nember of PES 2013


    Probably you have other files on your Save Folder that are making your game to crash, remember you need to have only Edit.bin, then of course you will have a new option file.