New Year Actual Boots Pack by laim

> 81 topical pro retail boots
> best templates
> balanced mix of original and authorship’s works
> comfortable navigation
> high quality compatibility//optimal size
> correct information colors shades brands logos
> synchronized with PESEdit
> suitable for any [PES2013] patches
> full map

Credits to:
konami nilton qinchao rafael_moreira sad_kulnie hernandez javiexx29 saks07 ron69 cigman paul81118 fcb1719 wecn_team distribution gongasboy gcerq tattooray kevin_cd alkmndza vogin/
michai17widzew barcafan jenkey pesedit_team/
thank You/


put content in the main “img” kitserver folder.
for example: Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver13\pesedit\img

Happy New Year!
Be Filled!

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