PES 2013 Mega selector by vantrung1408


Function (23):

– Change scoreboard
– Relink ball
– Change gameplan tuft
– Change menu icon
– Change emblem
– Change gloves
– Change stadiums
– Change languages
– Change stage effect, tuft effect
– Change net
– Change coner flag
– Change start sceen
– Change “press text…”
– Change font
– Change player position
– Change power bar
– Change loading color
– Option gameplay by Jenkey1002
– Change ML money
– Change ML GP point
– Relink pes video file

Support for ALL PATCH
Support check for update new version
Maximum customization

Main setup AIO

– Support add logo for More patch, PESGALAXY, PESNEXT
– Support change directory when click playgame

Update (12/30)
– Support windows 8
– Fix error stadium replace, can now replace any stadium you want in the game
– Fixed dis time to the start screen (after installing open the start screen select again)
– Load acceleration, faster option than doubled

Before installing you have to go to the data folder of mega selector to delete the folder “stadiums” and then proceed to install

If you play more patch you need copy 2 file config-More.txt, config-More (Off).txt to “main/attach”

Update (12/30)
– Add more code stadium, add-on is coming
– Fix read status more patch

Tutorial add emblem, change directory for More patch
Want to add your emblem data -> Logo here you create one new folder named MOREPATCH in the folder you created the folder that contains the type of logo you want. In this folder you need to 2 document preview.png and unnamed_2739.bin.

Wish to change the link to play the game, you click on the data and then open the file config.ini look at the last line

[PLay game]

you enter the path to file pes2013.exe (your exe file name, enter) your Directory =


[PLay game]
Directory=D:\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\pes2013.exe

then save and when you click playgame (More) it will run the corresponding file that you set.

Tutorial attach/detach More patch
1. Copy config.txt in kitserver folder to mega selector data folder, copy again
2. Change name config.txt -> config-More (Off).txt, config_1.txt ->config-More.txt
3. Open config-More.txt writting last line of afs2fs “img.dir = “vantrung1408″”


rồi save lại


Big thank to: Jenkey1002, Zuy Zozo, Rooney7997, Radeqq81, marthchyld, kuchjc, Buggy, skills rooney, MXSONIC, Txak, OmarAhmed, Enzo 7, Sameh Momen, ordox6, Reiz, GENKO06 … and All graphic maker and programmer.

– If you play PESJP Patch don’t play game with PESJP 2013 Launcher.exe because it will cause Mega selector to lose work, you can play game with Mega selector by click Play game. (Nếu bạn đang sử dụng PESJP Patch bạn không được vào trò chơi bằng PESJP 2013 Launcher.exe bởi vì nó sẽ vô hiệu hóa Mega selector, bạn có thể vào trò chơi bằng Mega selector bằng cách nhấn Play game)

– If you play PESJP Patch, you want select Logo in Mega selector first you must open PESJP 2013 Launcher.exe choose emblem style: Defaut. (Nếu bạn đang sử dụng PESJP Patch, bạn muốn lựa chọn Logo trong Mega selector đầu tiên bạn cần phải mở PESJP 2013 Laucher.exe và chọn emblem style: Defaut)

– If you want select font or player position firtst you choose a font or player position, second click save, third choose your language and click set languages if you play are play english language or vietnamese languages you don’t need steep 3. (Nếu bạn muốn lựa chọn font hoặc player position đầu tiên bạn chọn font hoặc player position mà mình muốn, thứ 2 click save, thứ 3 lựa chọn your languages rồi ấn set languages nếu bạn chơi tiếng anh hoặc tiếng việt thì không cần bước thứ 3)


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  1. quand je veux installer les différentes versions a la fin j’ai la barre d’installation qui deviens toute rouge avec un message d’erreur ipersistfile::failed; code0*80070005
    accès refusé
    merci pour votre aide

  2. PES 2013 Mega selector released.
    vantrung1408, we added original download link if released at the time of posting…
    You added AF , adfly lately… at first was zippyshare…
    * AF means original link. Check other people posts…