PES 2013 Malaysia Patch v1.0 by Bunkboyz


1) Add MALAYSIA National team into ASIA/OCEANIA continent.
2) Latest AFF Suzuki Cup jersey designed from scratch.
3) Latest formation and squad + several players who was recently called up.
4) Real face for almost all player except for Azamuddin Akil, Hazwan Bakri and Shakir Shaari.
5) New style start screen.


New features :

More 90~ new teams included Classic Japan
Real UEFA CL mode : full 32 real teams in UEFA CL
Will be able to transfers in ML with Copa Liberadores teams
Update Master League real boots option
Adboardserver : support team’s adboard
New referee kit assign for big leagues
Realistic replay logo for EPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga, Serie A
Banner-server : realistic banner patch for over 120 teams
81 HD boots
Correct home ground for almost teams

New league :

Liga Adelante : 18 teams
Serie B : 18 teams
J.League division 2 : 22 teams
U23 : 7 teams


For more screenshot and info, visit my blog here.


1) Extract the downloaded files using Winrar or any other software that able to do the work.
2) Run the installer.
3) When asked for the install location, MAKE SURE to select your PES 2013 installed directory.
4) Don’t forget to read the “Readme.txt” file included in this package before starting your installation.

DOWNLOAD (Size : 999mb)


Jenkey1002 (For the root for this patch which is based on PESJP patch)
Ciputhegooner (For Wan Zack Haikal, Shakir Ali and Fakri Saarani face)
Karkz ( For Norshahrul and Farizal  face)
HBZCERIA ( For Khairul Fahmi and Bunyamin face)

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  1. to take patches that are not compatible with DLC 1.2?
    para que sacan parches que no son compatibles con la DLC 1.2?

  2. kenapa fail 3 takleh nak winrar.. aku dah download semua ke lima-lima fail.. biler nak winrar jer fail 1 ngan 2 ok masuk 3 jer sangkut… ???

  3. da kira elok la ada org snggup buat patch malaysia.. klu x da dorg ni x tau la sapa nk buat. tu pn x besyukur ka? bkn senang nk buat. tp link download problem la..

  4. kalau nak cantik sangat perfect tahap gaban,buat sendiri der..
    bukan senang nak mengedit..
    good effort guys!keep it up…mmg terbaik la.