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-Barclays Premier League
-Npower Championship
-Serie A
-Egyptian Premier League
-Greek Superleague
-Turkish Super Lig
-Football League Greece
-Liga BBVA


-Stamford Bridge
-Emirates Stadium
-Peristeri Stadium
-Tripoli Stadium
-OAKA Stadium
-Nikos Goumas Stadium
-Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium
-Karaiskakis Stadium
-Kleanthis Vikelidis
-Toumba Stadium


-33 New balls (Inc. Greek SL one)
-18 New songs in the playlist.
-New boots.
-More than 50 New chants.
-More than 500 3D faces.
-Correct emblems for all.
-Correct kits for all.
-New graphics.
-Improved gameplay.
-New scoreboards (Inc. Greek SL one)
-New video background.
-Some transfers made and some stats changed.
-New font.
-New FL sponsors.
-Seperated patch files.
-And more to discover…


-This patch works seperated. Any version of the game you have it will still work great. Report us any possible problems.

-This patch includes a lot of moddings in the original game database as it adds a lot of leagues, players etc. So finding problems or bugs or unfinished points although we have checked for them is something that may happen. We want you to report as every problem and update it in future updates.

-We have already come to the realisation, that many players have fake faces or different colors. We apologise for that and ensure you that this phenomenon will be fixed in furute updates. And that is why the patch is V0.1 version, because it is NOT a completed edition.


-Download all the six parts.
-Extract them on your desktop to make it easier.
-Run AS ADMINISTRATOR the installer “Extreme Patch V0.1″.
-Follow the installer stages until it is finished.
-Have fun .




Jockey (Konstantinos Zorbas) , Kostas (Kostas Pantazis) , Nikoc (Nikos Ntonas).
GeoreG7, Dimitric, basilhspao13, Lavdakoc, mvren.
Jenkey1002, Walid_Tity, PesKolik, W!LD, Barcafan, Omar Ahmed, Gkan, Juce, gate7foreverify (http://www.youtube.com/user/mrtrantac7), simosami.
Football Manager, PSD.
(Post your name and what you have made in case we forgot someone).





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  1. Hello.

    I have got a problem with this patch. After the installation pes/patch don’t run. a comunicat is: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been instaled. It would not be true because I instaled pes 2013 before instaled patch.

    I’m looking forward for your help!

    Thank you!

  2. @Patric: Maybe you’re using PES 2013 Skidrow version. Remember that PES 2013 SKIDROW version has a prblem with patches. Or maybe you FORGOT to put rld.dll from the crack file you’ve dwonloaded…

  3. when I install the patch, I will also be able to play the original version of PES 2013 from Konami and whether patchamiod PATCH EXTREME Maiale not affect the versions of the patches from konami? have a folder with the game selection of games from the original version of the patch and without patch I understand?When i instal patch i can play normal pes 2013 exe oryginal online ?and witch patch seperated?

  4. @AZ: That’s true! I’ve got PES 2013 Skidrow version. Which version is the best? Reloaded will be ok?

    @Stanley: I think that you may to play PES 2013 by new icon in folder Konami/Pes…

    PS: Guy’s I’m from Poland, so my English isn’t the best :P

  5. Na rwtisw kati kai egw, epidi exete ftiaksei tin football leagua panw sto vrazilianiko etsi otan paiksw masterl leagua pies omades tha anevoun??? diladi paizw kanonika twra me ton PAOK stin super leagua otan teleiwsei i xronia pies omades tha anevoun???

  6. Allakste to aggliko v me elliniko v kai ola ok tha einai, diladi tha anevenoun agglikes omades e??? ok perimenoume… Pantws kali douleia, an dexeste gnwmes tha mporousate na vazate kai to germaniko anti as poume eguptiakou kai parapanw omades europaikes kai ligoteres gallikes kai ollandikes…

  7. polla provlimata exei pros to paron to patch.i elliniki perigrafi,meta tin enarksi tou agwna stamata k ksanapaizei sto imixrono pali.o ixos tou ch.league den akougetai.sto kipello ellados epaiksa enan agwna se mauro xorto!!elpizw na mporesete na ta diorthwsete!

  8. bill sefxaristoume pou anafereis ta problhmata. To xortari to mavro kathos kai ta ixitika exoun idid idorthothei :)

  9. czesc Patric :) how to change the scoreboard? I can choose with the “j” and “L”, but then nothing happens and scoareboard is on the same as at the beginning

  10. @Patric: I can’t post the link here because pes-patch admin will definitely remove it. Maybe you can search “Titanium Ideas” on Google and search for PES 2013 Reloaded Version there…

  11. re paidia wraio to patchaki.. alla paizw master league ki eimai ston prwto agwna tou giouropa ki oute pou prolavenw na mpw na pai3w ton agwna ki kolaei ki me petaei e3w apo to paixnidi.. episeis otan kanw korner,plagio ki faoul (sta gipeda pu exete ftia3ei) h eikona psilo kolaei argei na girisei, ki genika ta gipeda psilokolane se kapoies faseis, elpizw na kanete kati gia ola ta provlimatakia gia na ginei kalutero to patch..8a perimenw gia to update.. kante grugora:))

  12. ρε παιδια εμενα το patch μου φορτονει μου φορτονει και δεν ανοιγει. βοιθηστε με..

  13. Τελειο Patch Δουλευει Αψογα Το Μονο προβλημα ειναι οταν αρχισεις πρωταθλημα και αρχισει το Champion League Εκει σταματαει ο ηχος και δεν παιζει καν τον υμνο του Champion league Το μονο Bug που εχω συναντησει

  14. Σίγουρα αξίζουν συγχαρητήρια τα παιδιά μόνο και μόνο που έκατσαν να φτιάξουν το patch.
    Αλλά πέρα από τις 4 ελληνικές ομάδες που είχε από default το παιχνίδι, τα πρόσωπα και γενικά τα στατιστικά των παιχτών των άλλων ομάδων, είναι ότι να ναι. Σόρρυ κιόλας. Τουλάχιστον είναι σωστές οι φανέλες, αλλά πρέπει να κάτσω να διορθώσω τα υπόλοιπα.



    PLZ HELP!!!

  16. paidia wraio to patchaki alla to provlima einai oti otn xekinas master league me elliniki omada i B e8niki einai i Npower kai i Football league einai s Libertadores!!

  17. kalo patch,me 1 kalo update thane super,sto master league tha valete na anevenun omades aptin foootball league stin superleague k oxi oi agglikes?i borume na to kanume emeis me kapio tropo?

  18. to uropa league den doulebh ka8olou ti na kano gia na to ftia3o episis kai h face ton ypolipon paixton ektos apo ths defult pos ftiaxnontai

  19. Great patch but i lost the edit.bin file by accident :( Can someone put it?? i dont want reinstall it because i have something of calimonche’s patch intro kitserver

  20. NIKO egw mexri stigmis gia na ginei auto metefera ts football league s npower kai ts npower s football league kai allaxa kai t onomata tn prwta8limatwn..s Edit…makari na vgei kalo update

  21. Θα βγει update που τα διορθωνει ολα αυτα,ηταν ενα πατς που το βγαλαμε για να το χαρειτε τα χριστουγεννα.Στο επομενο update ολα οσα εχουν αναφερθει εχουν διορθωθει…Μεινετε συντονισμενοι…

  22. paidia t patch telio alla exo ena 8ema me to pos mporo na allakso tin kamera dn t katalaveno to tool an mporei kapoios n voi8isei .

  23. den diorthwnete k afto to transfer system sto ml,na parume kana pexti tis prokopis,adi na kanume tamata stin panagia gia na parume ton ronaldo :)

  24. Ρε παιδια γιατι δεν μπορω να αλλαξω scoreboard;Και επισης για το Europa League που λενε τα αλλα τα παιδια 9ελουμε λυσεις

  25. paidia exw to e3eis provlima paw na ani3w to extreme patch kai m vga2ei kati rld.dll not found mipws 3erete ti prepei na kanw????

  26. paidia paw na trekse to game kai mou leei pws den exei egkatasta8ei to pes 2013 enw to exw egkatastisei. ti na kanw?