PESBOX ANATOLIA 2013 V1.0 (01.11)


New leagues: Bundesliga, Spor Toto Süper Lig
New 2. divisions: Npower Championship, PTT 1. Lig
Licenced all leagues & cups
Licenced Barclays Premier League, Liga Zon Sagres & National teams
Correct names for fake players
More than 4000 faces & hairs
255 new balls
Gameplay tool + new scoreboards (optional)
New graphics (optional)
Includes DLC 2.00 & Official Update 1.01
Online competible

-Added more than 4000 faces & hairs (HD faces optimised)
-Added real kits for all national teams
-Transfered all bin kits to GDB
-Corrected some player appearences
-Removed 373 fake & duplicated players
-Added 255 new balls and relinked for all leagues & cups
-Added Gameplay Tool 1.0.2 + 10 scoreboards (optional)
-Added real referee kits
-Added real banners for important teams
-Added new graphic pack (optional)
-New switches & features for Selector


Windows Vista/7/8 users, run all exe files as administrator or disable UAC.
Delete old ‘pesbox-server’ folder (if exists).
Install the patch by using ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v1.0 Installer.exe’ and be sure about the installation directory of PES 2013 is correct.
After installation finished, start the selector via ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 Selector.exe’.
Mode selector requires ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0’.


Software Master: Ercan Ayan
OF Editors: Emre Sarı, erolkopuz, NeC
Kit Makers: Sefa Çelebi, Fatih Cesur, MsssT, conTRaksi, Recep Hazır, Edhem SESE, ahmetgs17, berkefb, Rahman Bilbay, memoli424242, Zafer Ünal
Face Makers: ilhan_12, silah, Emre Özel, StifleR, İsmail_12, Akn35, Metin Samet, devillica, Legendary, EmreKaya1907, DeXTeR, by F!ko, Cevat_12, Réx
Stadium Makers: suatcagdas (sxsxsx), Gkan, Hasan Aktas, Yucel11, sisyrc
Graphic Makers: DracheN, ThsN, Mustafa Alatepe
Video Makers: v1Ru5 Tv, trabzonsporlu61
Sound Maker: pasali_genclix
Commentator: Emin Zevkliler
Translators: Arastotales, Joseph K., SerdarG
General Support: Batuhan SARIGÜL, Ziya Aygün, Kaan Akan, karacaoğlu, ReaLisT, Berk Dereli, F. Yıldırım, tun4x, HeRoZaN, Emre Ballı, alihanyagci1998


Tools: jenkey1002, juce, barcafan, wild@
Kits: moody, IXOXOX, FC, Stonekoos, cuky, PESEDIT, BeasT, Tottimas, juaniyo, @oeband23, METAY, FAUDA19, RAM’Z 50, ALEPES, fabio100, ANDRE VIERIA, Caphca, rjpr, TASCI, LUCAS TRAVERSIM, MARIO88, BeFree, THE LOOORD, BAREL17, EDXZ101, HANSDELL, NNICOLAAS, Tarık CHZ & All other kit makers
Faces: Agiga, Hamit_Aksln el yoruga, MichalGrau, Zikri13, Shamrik gunners, Sooksawad, teilker17, Andrews, facunda, harrie, Lucas_casla & All other face makers
Balls: skills_rooney, ppaaggpp
Adboards: Hicksville, r4m130
Graphic Pack: milan84, Genko06, Cronos, marthchyld, drunk, Nilton1248, MarlonLDU
Scoreboards: Txak, Genko06, Radeqq81, kmargo, Ron69, Palee74
Banners: Baba Adamu, Nacho
Other: razib_46, Zioborgo

If we miss someone in credits, please inform us.

Download PESBOX ANATOLIA 2013 V1.0 (01.11) :…part1.rar.html…part2.rar.html…part3.rar.html…part4.rar.html…part5.rar.html…part6.rar.html…part7.rar.html

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  1. 叼你老毋咩!下載左解壓就話檔案壞,你有無試能過至比人架,唔能確定就唔好能放上網喇?正仆街。

  2. I installed the patch successfully but I was unable to launch the game.
    It stated ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been installed’. Why?
    Because of I am using a 64-bit Windows 7?

  3. @King: impossible to open the dt04.img ;) i’ve installed the PESJP also its crashing when trying to play online or even worst, it crashes when i try to create the player on BAL.

  4. When I ATTACH Antalonia Patch.
    When I click on play say me Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been installed. When I go to install directory and click on pes2013.exe say me “A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (6005).

    When Antalonia Patch is not Attach game works fine.


    Sorry for my bad English.

  5. Good job PesBox team, the patch is very nice. Although Kasimpasa’s kit is broken and the same with Karsiyaka’s. Also the Turkish national team’s kit is glitched. But good job I’m sure you’ll fix it in the next patch.

    To people who can’t get it started, the problem is on your end.

  6. this is real shit …cause you dont have any official tuttorial…how to install all parts and components… shame for pesbox..