PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 Blue by fadi alkam


– includes latest konami data pack (DLC 2.0 – exe patch 1.01)
– option to install with blur disabled 

– correct leagues names
– bundesliga replaces fake konami league
– correct emblems and league patchs
– complete real 2D teams replace fake teams

(English nPower, Spain liga adelante, 
german 2. bundesliga, Italian Serie B, french ligue 2)
– correct leagues balls

– added 2 new clubs (available in ML mode)
(Anzhi Makhachkala, Lokomotive Moscow)

– correct kits for all teams (full GDB folder)
– correct logo
– correct and updated squads

– all teams have correct home stadium names
– most teams have special chants (HQ double channel)
– correct radar color for all teams

– revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)
– more than 1000 real faces
– assigned call names for a lot of players
– added more than 1000 new players
– correct personal attributes
– removed duplicated and fake players

– real goalkeeper gloves 

– correct names for all stadiums
– add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
– all teams have correct stadium names
– new enhanced adboards

– HD turfs for all stadiums 

– added and updated all boots 
(removed fake konami boots)
– added and updated all balls (55 balls)
– 6 optional scoreboards
– includes latest kitserver files
– updated referee kits
– correct trophies and cups
– real sponsors with logos
– new graphics
– a lot of small enhancements

1. Unrar files (password: smoke)
2. run (Setup 5.1.exe) and choose Install (add to antivirus exceptions before installing)
3. follow all installer steps
4. download and install latest smoke update

* do not update from konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* starting a new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff
* perform clean install for the game before installing the patch is recommended
* be sure you do not have any directX errors
* run the game as admin
* dont let AV block the installation of any file
* use only the exe provided with the patch

Download PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 Blue by fadi alkam :



Password for rar files: smoke

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.1 Blue by fadi alkam:

* Full 5.1 must be installed before this update

– fixed some kits
– added 4 new clubs
– revised some player stats
– fixed radar color for 2.nd bundesliga
– real names for all south american clubs
– fixed some faces
– full squads available for french 2D ligue 2

* to be released. no date yet.

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  1. Good patch! DONT DOWNLOAD PESJP patch 2.0 or older!!! bug and crash on become a legend and wrong stuffs in League Adelante and the trainig menu cant back to top menu — its unlock back to top menu!

  2. Fadi Alkam, how to istrall it? i cant install it well. once i click install, it was Livid setup. and the other one is eType. which download is for the Patch??

  3. It is compatible to play ONLINE MODE with this patch or not ? because every patch is not fixed to play in ONLINE MODE , game always crashed.

  4. last man tackle must be red carded. in this game, only get yellow. something is not right. do fix it for sake of fair play

  5. hey, i cant install it, the message is kitserver/kload.dll: The file contains invalid data. Probably the Anti-virus is blocking the file. but i don’t have antivirus :S can someone help me please?

  6. good work guys. i have a problem.Everything its ok with the kits on version 5.01.On versions 5.02,5.02 fix and 5.1.0 the kits are incorrect.For example all the Epl has not the right v necks etc.Also in ligue 1 at many teams has the past year kits and the same is for aek olympiakos panathinaikos and you know why?

  7. i can’t install in man…. it says kitserver/klosd.dll:The file contain invalid data. i don’t know what to do now….please help me….

  8. Installed it but, want to add emirates stadium. When I add the downloaded files into the folders it doesnt change in game.

  9. Cannot install, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 was not found in the selected directory , be sure to install the game before installing the patch.

  10. what do i have to do when on the screen says:

    The dynamic folder rld.dll failed to load.Please confirm tha:
    1) The file was copied over the same folder as cracked executable
    2) The antivirus software is not false-detecting the file(in which case white-list the folder/file)

  11. All I see are generic kits (either blue or yellow) and PES default team logos for the Premier League (except for Man U, etc.). All the other leagues have the correct kits and logos. Is this what I’m suppose to seeing or did I not do something properly in the download?

    Also the game will crash whether online is enabled or off. Is their a fix coming for this?

    Thanks for your efforts in creating this patch.

  12. You should have winrar already installed before downloading this patch tp prevent error messages when trying to extract the files.

  13. please can somebody help me? why after instal this patch i can’t access the pes 2013.exe? have me do something wrong? in pes 2012 i never get any trouble to use many patch without fresh install of pes master game , but since i install this one my pes shouldn’t any respond while access the pes.exe

  14. now i have PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.0 Blue + update 5.0.2.

    New update is this? or must clean old patch and install PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 and after update?

  15. I figured out my problems. The generic kits appear when you don’t have the AV completely out of the picture. Parts of the patch were quarantined even though I could play the game. Simply turn off the AV before extracting files and then turn on after installations. Game will NOT run though unless you (R) click on game icon and run as an administrator.

    Hands down the best patch out there.

  16. New problem is that Konami new patch 1.02 cannot be automatically dl because it says that my game is outdated. I can’t get connected to to the net. I’d like to avoid having to reload the game and start from scratch. I hope a fix is in the works.

  17. guys how can i create a team in this patch ? because i cant edit strips in every team…. but the patch is just awesome!!!!so i need your answer

  18. you need attach manager at C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver click right and “run as adminstration”