Kitserver by Juce & Jenkey1002

Kit Server 13 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 DEMO).

It is a loader and manager for various modules, where each module is built as a (typically) independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect. While originally the Kitserver was developed to “serve” kits Pro Evolution Soccer 3, a lot more functionality has been added over the years.


Available module : afs2fs, afsio, lodmixer, speeder, ballsrv, sides, fserv, kserv
Support : PES2013 demo 1, PES2013 v1.00, PES2013 v1.01

Changelog :
Update : kserv support euro kits
Improve modules : speeder, afsio, kload, afs2fs
Fix bugs for ballserv

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  1. why this kitserver can’t work with my pes 2013 v1.0 . game exe error setup failed to instal this kitserver for pes 2013 .. how it is?

  2. i have installed this kitserver on Pes 2013 version 1.0 but when i run the game nothing happens same default team and league names :(
    Please Help :'(

  3. Hi guys, sorry to hear you’re not working on Kitserver anymore. Sad news indeed. We’ve been fans of yours for years and loved your work so is it alright to ask the reason why you stopped? Take care and happy new year.

  4. hey, jenkey, but…this is NOT Kitserver, in fact this is Kitserver, I´ve downloaded it many times and v13.1.1.1 is nowhere to be found. What happened with getting back the league mode?? Any news about that???

  5. This is definitily not v13.1.1.1. this is Kitserver v13.1.1.0 Released: Nov 11, 2013!!! I´ve dled this v 8 times now!!!

  6. Why kitserver not support patch 1.03? I have a notebook with Intel HD Video Card and i can not play without kitserver because i need to enforce video quality. Any other solution? Thanks.

  7. hi guys, i can´t attach gameplay tool to pes2013.exe its says unrecognized EXE file – not supported file.. can someone explain me how to solve this? thanks!!

  8. It’s no modification mode, but i do everything right, it’s not read only, run as administrator, everything, but cant do it…