FIFA Commentary For PES 2013 by MGL

KONAMI @ Tokyo (Pro Evolution Soccer 2013)
EA Sports @ Canada (FIFA 12) (MGL)
Winning Eleven Next-Gen Team
(AFS Explorer)
Sony Corporation (Sound Forge 10 & Sony Vegas 10 Pro)
Rinaldo (Sound Master 10)
Evo-Web Forums

How to Install :
Copy to Program Files \KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\img

Copy dt00_q.img to img folder (don’t forget to backup old)
In game , you select Commentary is Portugal.

Special Thanks To: Steven ,Merdiso, Omar Ahmed

Download :

Version #1 Remove All Commentary Jon Champion & Replaced by FIFA

Version #2 Retain callname of Jon Champion & Mixed FIFA

Password: MGL

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  1. great job,works very well for me
    John:just copy it into img folder,then choose portuguese for commentary,the commentator still speaks english

  2. Good patch..however the fifa 12 commentary patch for PES 2012 was better…the commentators don’t know the names of some basic players like cazorla…still better than PES commentary anyway….

  3. ey guys..i need help. I did download and copy file dt00_q in img folder..where do i chose portuguese? do i need to download a tool for that?

  4. Really good patch , even thought commentary cuts out for long long spells. Even without the players call names, you would get nice pass or cut out run something and passing and tackling went on, but as I said it cuts out even that for long spells. That said I still like it better than the PES one.

    Q? was I supposed to take a file out of the Img folder before I put the d’ld file in? wasn’t asked to overwrite so the file I put in couldn’t have had an original with the same name. That said is there a file I should have taken out, for somethings the commentators side kick will be the one from PES and at other time the one from FIFA or views from Both?

  5. Great work…But i agree with Walshy…it gets quiet for long periods of the game where the commentary is non existent…Still great effort bro keep up the good work….Should try a Martin Tyler commentary patch

  6. @Jaboodz: In my game, its options->system settings->language settings->In game language. There is no option called commentary language. what should I do? by the way, I downloaded my game from internet. if you can help, please email me

    • You can. Just rename the Version #2 file to a different language you don’t need (other than Portuguese obviously) i.e. switch it with the Greek commentary file and select Greek in the audio menu.

  7. the commentary is awesome but there alot of players who are not mentioned and the some long spells without wud b awesome if it were so so complete

  8. Parham mate got to download again.

    I’ve had these issues before and downloading again is the only possible solution.

  9. The Commentary goes off for long durations….

    Sometimes the whole half goes without commentary …
    Please look into it.

    BTW miss ANDY GREY big time “Well done Son “

  10. Can you PLEASE make Dutch commentary. I have searched for it for 3 months, but I can’t find Dutch commentary. I hope you can do it, because everybody in Holland want Dutch commentary! Thank you!

  11. I haven’t tried it on pes 13 haven’t played it much very dissapointed with that game….but…..will you please make this for pes 14 PLEEEEEAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEE because John and Jim are good commentators in real life but in game they suck very very badly so please make this for pes 14 cause we really need that pal :))))

  12. Thanks MGL, this is awesome!! Are you doing it again for PES 2015? Hope so, it’s way better than the default Beglin / Champion and just nice to have the added option of toggling between different English commentary teams. Now, if only we had an Alan Partridge commentary mod too… :D