PES2013 – PES F1X3R v1.01.1 by nesa24

Pes Fixer is gameplay tool for all patches


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*fixed headers bug in AI cheat
if you used 1.01 reapply fix with 1.01.1

*added AI cheat removal

*sound booster
*Animations and color


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  1. what are you doing man,you are the best,you are better than all konami
    you do the gameplay like i didn’t play it before
    my advice to you to produce a new football game and named it nesa24
    and the chant of the fan better from fifa
    i gonna to buy fifa 13 but after your fix3r you made me return to pes 2013
    please:is this patch work with all the update in the futere,if not please make one with every new konami update.

  2. sound booster not really good, chants become too loud , and the commentaries become too low !!
    please fix it ,thanks

  3. For the first time I read the comment by ahmad, I thought it was a fake name made by nesa24 himself, which to make us to download this tools. But when I apply this patch within my Pes 2013, the gameplay has changed a lot. This tool are really great. Keep it up nesa24, I hope this tool will be updated from time to time.

  4. F1X3R, you are the guy! i dont want to denigrate your worth in it, but it`s original gameplay from original game, i discovered it when i installed pirate ver. and then when i get started playing original, without patches(who messes up gameplay to unfortunately). Now i can install patches, kits, everythink! thanks man!