PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.0 Blue by Dido_SMoKE


– includes latest konami data pack
– option to install with blur disabled

– correct leagues names
– bundesliga replaces fake konami league
– correct emblems and league patchs
– complete English nPower 2D teams replace fake teams
*other choices will be available in later updates:
(Liga adelante, 2.nd Bundesliga, serie B)
– correct leagues balls

– added 2 new clubs (available in ML mode)
(Anzhi Makhachkala, Lokomotive Moscow)
– correct kits for all teams
– correct logo
– correct and updated squads
– all teams have correct home stadium names

– revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)
– more than 1000 real faces
– assigned call names for a lot of players
– added more than 1000 new players
– correct personal attributes
– removed duplicated and fake players

– correct names for all stadiums
– add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
– all teams have correct stadium names
– new enhanced adboards

– added and updated all boots (removed fake konami boots)
– added and updated all balls (220 balls all available)
– includes latest kitserver files
– updated referee kits
– correct trophies and cups
– real sponsors with logos
– new graphics
– a lot of small enhancements

1. Unrar files
2. run (Setup 5.0.exe) and choose Install
3. follow all installer steps
4. download and install latest smoke update

Known Issues:
* do not update from konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* starting a new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff


Download PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.0 Blue by Dido_SMoKE : (try beta version)

Final version 5.00 release date: 17.oct.2012

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  1. the patch it´s ok, but it doesn’t have all the national teams complete :-/(Especially, AMERICAN NATIONAL TEAMS)
    I hope it will be complete for the final version
    Well done PES SMoKE patch!!!

  2. it works fine thank you dido the boots are great in ml and everywhere else i edit things and they dont crash i edited vucinic nocerino everything works fine tnx again !

  3. Hola smoke, tus parches son grandiosos, pero en este ultimo encontre un detalle q no se si es q m pasa a mi solo, si quiero jugar con celta, deportivo la coruña o valladolid sus estadios figuran con el konami y este parche q agregastes estan todos los estadios de la liga españoña agregandole a estos tres equipos sus propios estadios?? hay alguna forma o truco para ponerle sus estadios ya q en el edit no te dejan cambiarlo desde ahi?? desde ya muchas gracias y saludos!!!

  4. Getting error on install..

    Access to the PES2013.exe is denied, RELOADED release, anyone having similar trouble?

  5. Amr Mickey thank you for this… Im unpacking the original and going to try adding the original PES2013.exe into directory… they try patch… they place crack over patch and will repost back with results..

  6. goddammit, I just uninstalled(lost my saves prolly) reinstalled Smoke Patch on original exe and no luck…. help please

  7. Dido..i hope you can make league modes in pes 2013..because konami has remove it..we now can play epl,la liga and etc sad.

  8. *Dido..i hope you can make league modes in pes 2013..because konami has remove it..we now cant play epl,la liga and etc sad.

  9. Buy Pes 13 and the patch will work fine its the best patch til now it has all the kits and it has dlc 2.0 in itself its great i highly recommend it !

  10. pes gamer…………. ive bought pes2013 so the patch should work fine yeah? what do i do about the official dlc though form today? thanks

  11. Dido Hi, thanks for the patch is great as always, it would not change the character MS MS Brasilia football for 2014? 17.10 Repair comes out? One more reminder absent in Brazilian Robinho representation it would not fix it? Thanks and good luck.

  12. hey all,
    please note that this is a BETA version, first release is not yet released (17.oct.2012), the beta size is around 450mb, the full complete version will be around 1200mb,
    the patch will work with no problems on the default (cracked or original) versions of PES 2013
    it is strongly recommended to install the upcoming complete patch on a fresh game installation, no DLC update needed cause the patch will update DLC to the latest konami DLC,
    run the game from the MAIN exe, do not use shortcuts made by other patches only use the default game exe
    have fun..

  13. Hey! My game doesnt run now after i installed this patch! ive been using smoke patches in the past for pes 11 and 12 ….but this is the first time my pes 13 doesnt work after patching! Anyone care to help me out?

  14. Can someone help me please!!!! ive bought pes 2013 and installed the blue patch but when i try to start the game it just says the game has stopped working??? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  15. bug: coppa konami don’t work (the crash after cup’s choise)

    in the final version(5.0) there will be kits for all national teams?

    Great Work!

  16. this patch is amazing the only thing i don’t like about it is that it changed the referee kits only while playing in UEFA but not in exhibition mod, also the black patch for 2012 changed the whole referee looks not just the clothing, is there a way to add a .bin file somewhere to change how the referee look in exhibition mod?

  17. @JP:
    Make sure the path is correct. Check it. In my case it was: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    and not C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Hope that helps. :)

  18. Hi Dido. please harmonize patch with gameplay tool. Players are moving slowly. The shot is weak. please correct it.

  19. please help me..why after install this say pes 2013 not work….how do i can solve this problem..please help me dido_smoke

  20. Please, help me. My pes2013 crashed when i open Become A Legend, in Master League it’s ok, but in BAL dont work, the screen crash and the game most be ended. Help me please!!

  21. my patch is okay.. but for all team in epl have the same kit.. home and away.. why??? please help me fix this please.. reply to atleast one comment..