PES 2013 Multiconverter by Starvin and Smeagol75

PES 2013 Multiconverter by Starvin and Smeagol75

PES 2013 Multiconverter by Starvin and Smeagol75

Requirements : Net Framework 4.0.


Tool have now 4 tabs:

-File Converter:
*Allows to convert From Pc Format to Xbox/Ps3 format
following file types:
-Boots(Model, 3d model, bootname file).
-Balls(Model, 3d model, ballname file).
-Stadiums(Model, Parameter file, image files,
Player shadow file).
-Image files.
-Scoreboard files.
– we supouse forget someone but definetly all files with his blocks are
DPow, Ktdml, We00.

-Parameter & Database Converter:
Allows to Convert all Config files in the game to Xbox/Ps3 files and get back to Pc format. Then you will be able to use Ultimate data editor ( barcafan´s tool).
You could change all that tool (Kits config, face relink, league structure, Player database, etc etc).

Already working:
– dt04.img:


-Option File Converter:

Allows to convert a Xbox option file to Pc format, Edit with Wild@ tool or barcafan tool, and get back to Xbox Format.
-PS3 Not compatible because option file is Encrypted.
-You Must use Lefluffie tool to extract savegame.txt. and after convert to xbox again inject the file again.
-VERY IMPORTANT: this year there are many values on xbox that aren´t on Pc , at least 233.000, all that values are 00 on Pc, then we couldn´t convert to nothing. Use the tool at your own Risk. And let us Know if something doesn´t work to try to fix, but we couldn´t promise nothing.

-Zlib Tool:

Allows you to easy zlib and unzlib files in Xbox/Ps3 format, and Pc Format. Original source code by Juce (thanks 4 share).
We used his code only difference is that we have change the original compression level 6, to 9, Maximum, to all that editors that change on ISO file and doesn´t want to get bigger the file.

This year all is auto mode, all files will unzlib and rezlib automatic. We had worked hard to make a GUI. Then you could work only with a Mouse.
Hope this helps.

Known Bugs

-with certain faces will crash because points to same block both references, we will try to fix or share a Tutorial with steps to fixs manually the headers.

-If you use Option file converter, please don´t use emblems importing with Wild@, will not work, import over Xbox internal Editor, we are working to fix that.

-Use Option File Converter at your own risk. This year doesn´t fit 100% because xbox file have more values than Pc one. It´s impossible to convert because on pc doesn´t Exists. Make a Backup of your files always.

P.D. I have mo message from beta tester… so I supouse all working fine, that bugs are founded by starvin & me, so post here if something don´t work fine, we try to fix all problems. Thanks to Betatesters. We decided to share with all people because is the best way to find all the bugs.

P.D.2 Starvin have noticed me, to remember to all the people to be so carefouly with HD conversion, The Rsx on Xbox360 are not so Big, and your game will have freezes or show white textures if you don´t resize the pc files with big textures, for example, a ball with 2048 size in fullhd, is sure when you insert hd faces, hd turf, hd stadium, hd gloves, etc etc, will crash the game, you have to resize files to something similar to original ones in size and mipmaps if you don´t want to have problems…

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