PES 2013 – Face Manager [BETA] by razib_46

This is my face manager project. I know that it isn’t great like other’s face manager. I’m still not good in programming.

Sorry if this tool don’t have face/hair preview, actually I don’t know how to export DDS from files. Maybe I’ll add this feature in the next future…



How To Use:

1 – Load (File => Load => EDIT.bin => GDB Folder
2 – Select you player from formation list or from all players list
3 – To import face/hair bins use Drag and Drop system or Load buttons
4 – Press Add button
5 – Save (File => Save)


1 – If you can’t use Drag and Drop system, disable UAC (User Account Control from your Panel Control)
2 – Use formation list to add face/hair to your player (better organization)
3 – All teams are automatically linked to their league. You can edit Teams.cfg and Leagues.cfg (Cfg folder) to change it.
4 – You can expand leagues option by adding new one in Leagues.cfg. Example: 18;Club/New League

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  1. Hi, I’ve a problem

    -after i add a face and save successfully, i open the game and the player has no face or hair..

    -and when i open “PES 2013 – Face Manager” to check for the problem, I find the directory of the face and hair starting with “unknown league/.stuff../.stuff..”

    So pleaaaaaaaaaase tell me whats the problem coz all the players i added faces too have no faces now or hair

    I have pesedit 2.6 installed by the way