How To Relink Face on BAL in PES 2013

Tutorial by Ayiep

Tools needed:
1. PES2013 Decrypter by w!ld@.
2. Hex Workshop.
3. Download BAL2013_relink_face_by_ayiep.7z and extract to your hard-disk.

Ok lets we start, first of all please make backup your BL0x.bin. Your face and hair would be relink to unnamed_1361.bin (face) and unnamed_5436.bin (hair), so you need to prepare them and put in dt0c.img on your kitserver img root.

1. Open PES2013 Decrypter, you can find it on PES2013 Editor by w!ld@ folder, or from editor pres Ctrl+D.
2. Decrypt your BL0x.bin.
3. Open it on Hex Workshops, then press Ctlr+Shift+B then find bookmarks file that you already download, it should be named BAL2013_relink_face_bookmarks.hbk. See picture bellow:

4. Open file BAL2013_relink_face_value on Hex Workshops press Ctrl+A and then right-click and select Copy.

5. Go back to your BL0x.bin, click tab bellow on Hex Workshops, select value inside the yellow box, right-click and select Paste.

6. Save it and close Hex Workshops.
7. Encrypt your BL0x.bin with PES2013 Decrypter.
8. Open your game and enjoy.

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