Adboard Selector 2013 by Hicksville

AS (Adboard Selector) by Hicksville
8X Rotation and Stadia Slot Plan by r4m130
These adboards are for PES2013 Full Game – All are updated as of 16th September.
Correct ads/sponsors* for all included teams  – * Some boards are just impossible to re-create!!!  ;)


90%  of Adboards and conversion to PES2013 by Hicksville.

majuh for and Champions League middle board

Arquero for La Caixa boards

Jenkey and Juce for kitserver

Marthchyld for shadowed Heineken star

pvanilla for Euro 2012 boards

pocho_SL for FIFA World Cup boards

If I have missed anyone out, I apologise.


See both images inside the “1 Instructions” folder

New CL boards with different Heineken and Unicredit ads for specific countries.
New Europa League boards with new layout as close as possible to the real thing ;)


01 Global……(many of the main sponsors in world football)

02 EPL…….including England, Man Utd

03 Ligue1……including France, ML Ligue1

04 Eredivisie…..including ML Eredivisie

04 Serie A…….including Juventus, Roma, Lazio, AC Milan, Internazionale

05 LigaBBVA……including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Spain, ML Liga BBVA

06 Liga Sagres…..including Benfica, Porto, Sporting

07 Bundesliga….including Bayern Munich

In all the above leagues, some stadiums will have different adboards to others.
For example, Orione,  Burg, Konami should have different boards to each other when choosing EPL, Serie A, etc

The following league and cup competitions have realistic static boards, based on Copa Lib format.

08 Brasileirao Petrobras

09 NPower Championship…..including FA Cup

10 Asian Cup 2011

11 Copa America 2011

12 Africa Cup of Nations 2012

13 Copa Libertadores 2012

14 Euro 2012

15 FIFA World Cup 2010

A new idea is to have the following five slots as spare boards, so you can put your favourite team’s boards into the game – if you insert them yourself
For example, if you think Royal London is similar to Emirates Stadium, you could insert Arsenal boards into the Royal London slots, then choose Slot 01.
If you think Burg Stadion looks like VW Arena, you could insert Wolfsburg boards, into Slot 02, and so on…

See “STADIA SLOTS PLAN” in the instructions folder

16 Slot 01
17 Slot 02
18 Slot 03
19 Slot 04
20 Slot 05

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  1. help please. I installed the patch correctly but when I choose an Adboard from the selector it says” The system cannot find the patch specified”

  2. I bid you congratulations on your work and dedication to this. ANDA DOWNLOAD ALL OF ME BUT WONDER WHAT NOT USE THE SLOT TO ADD ANOTHER STADIUM THE ME adboards you explain that or send me a video tutorial I’d appreciate YOU I LOVE YOUR WORK POSDATA