2013 Patch 1.0

Features :

Added Arminia Bielefeld & BATE Borisov
Full Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga
Correct kits for all Premier League & Liga ZON Sagres teams + Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Netherlands, South Korea, Uruguay
Corrected names for fake players in unlicensed National teams and ML unlockable players
Fixed kits for a lot teams including Barcelona, Manchester United and Sevilla
Fixed some transfers (mainly bigger teams)
Includes first DLC (Celta, Depor & Valladolid stadiums, kits for 37 teams)
Removed blur

NOTE Transfers ARE NOT completely correct (at all), we tried to fix some of the most important teams but it is impossible for us to transfer and create as many players as are missing. Transfers will be updated a lot when the second DLC gets released. (mid October)

Download 2013 Patch 1.0 :

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  1. I can’t play. After installed this patch and when i try play, computer show me the follow message: “PES2013 has not been installed”. What’s happens?

  2. @Pepe

    Do you have the skidrow version? It has several bugs and is incompatible with several patches. You have to use the original version or the reloaded.

  3. hey installed and re cracked, patch works but all the kits are the same, i intall the kitserver and then game doesnt work….any idea peeps?????

  4. No Bayern Munich and Schalke in the Bundesliga but we have there Arminia Bielefeld & BATE Borisov. WTF ? Useful would be appropriate club emblems, so think about it.

  5. I Think the Problem ist many people have installed the Offical DLC 1.0 and installed the PESEDIT 1.0 Patch after ( Don´t Works Guys ) !!! You need a new Copy with no!!! DLC installation of the Game.

  6. you must instal the game on the icon thats name is Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and it will ask for a key do not instal the game on a setup icon of pes!!!!!

  7. I have the same problem, but it’s with the game not with this patch. I bought the game. When I install the installationprogram places the files where I have chosen. Then when the installation-bar is at 100% the installationprogram just quits. All the files from the the temporary folder are gone but the game is nowhere to be found. I have tried the search function for latest files but still no game. Anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it? It’s like when the installationprogram should copy what is has in the temp-folder to the real gamepath something goes wrong. Thanks in advance.

  8. When i want to install it using winrar, it says that the file is corrupted and unable to execute. What is the problem?, is it my computer or the patch’s file?

  9. hi, in the 2012 my normal pes didnt run, but with pes edit patches he run.
    with this version (normal) he dont run the game, will with the pes edit pacth run?

  10. Paulo it will run it on normal if you download the no blur patch also and run config and pes2013 exe as administrator. all works perfect

  11. why my game has stopped in first game when i play master league with arsenal. I try many times but do not have result ?

  12. how to fix problem game not installed???

    Click START, then SEARCH and in search box type REGEDIT, then double click to REGEDIT, then find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> KONAMI -> PES2013
    and then double click on code and enter SHVY-3LE9-TMNH-7K5L-JN73

  13. When i want to install it using winrar, it says that the file is corrupted and unable to execute. What is the problem?, is it my computer or the patch’s file?

  14. A required security module cannot be activated.
    This program cannot be executed (6005).

    Help! I have this error. Kitserver is working. I press attach button and kitserver attached this exe. But this error comes when you open the game.I’ve used all versions of kitserver. Please, help me guys.

  15. Hamza!

    I found a ridicolous way around the installationproblems that some seem to have.

    1. Download the PES-Demo.

    2. Start the installationprogram for the game you have bought – not the demo.

    3. When it gets close to 100% click on the button that pauses it. But dont click YES or NO yet. Try to get as close to 100% as you can. Leave it where it asks for YES or NO.

    4. Go into the temp-folder where you chose to install the game and find the installationprogram in there. Start it! Type in the key that they ask for. Let it run until you get an errormessage that it misses a file.

    5. Get into the PES-demo folder and get the missing file there in the IMG-folder and copy it to your temp-folders IMG-folder. Do that for every file that the new installation asks for.

    6. When the installation is finished. Then go back to the first installation and click NO and let it finish.

    7. Now you should have PES 2013 installed.

    Ridicolous and dont ask me how I came up with it but it works and I have played it the whole night without any problems. Cant believe the installation doesn’t work when you have bought it, sigh. I am sure there is an easier way around this problem but this worked for me. The key is to stop the first installation as close to 100% as possible. If you stop it too early the game will be installed but won’t start. Then just do it all over again.

  16. Guys i found out a way to run pes 2013 patch 1.0 on skidrow version
    Begin installation. When the installation directory selection window appears press the back button. It will ask for serial key, enter this key
    SHVY-3LE9-TMNH-7K5L-JN73 and complete installation. Now install the patch 1.0
    and run game with pes2013.exe, the game will run properly without no installation error!

  17. game go down with this patch when u play become a legend it”s really bad i played 1 and half season and now i can not play

  18. i have a problem with Be come a legend. game crashed after 1 month like: 30.9. to 2.10..then pes automatically crashes..pleas help..problem is in patch

  19. all the kit of the english leage Bundesliga and Primeira Liga
    are in blue withkonami symbol, and the Bundesliga is steal as fake pes leage so how i fix it?????

  20. I have the retail PES and the Patch looks good , only thing I can see wrong, German teams are in the Copa Del Rey along with the Spanish teams in ML. I checked a couple of other cups FA and so on, they look ok its just the CDR.

  21. I have problam wth this patch, I play BAL and game crashes every few games but when i DETACH kitserver its working fine. Anyway i have PROPER RELOADED pes. PLS help wth fix or Advice…..

  22. Hi I have installed the patch, but then I cannot run the game anymore for some reason. As soon as I delete kitserver, it works again.
    I have net framework 4.0
    please help! Thanks.

  23. AGkydn please tell me how you solve the problem with not working kitserver? I have same problem, the game doesn´t work with attached kitserver. Thank

  24. FOR ALL HAVE A PROBLEM WITH KITSERVER.The problem is a skidrow version of pes 2013.Download the reloaded proper version,install and the problem is fixed,kitserver work fine.

  25. Only problem i have is that i cant change my resolution in anyway. I tried the text file, the config.exe.. I keep having black bars on the left and right side of my screen. And I cant untick LB.

    Any1 suggestions?

  26. cuando voi a instalar el parche.. pongo en el juego i me dice erros que no es compatible como lo puedo solucionar? Gracias (: