PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.6.1 (24.09.2012)


  • New leagues: Bundesliga, Spor Toto Süper Lig
  • New 2. divisions: Npower Championship (Partial)
  • Licenced all leagues & cups
  • Licenced Barclays Premier League & Liga Zon Sagres teams
  • Correct kits for important national teams
  • Correct names for fake players
  • Some important transfers
  • Includes DLC 1.00
  • Disabled blur effect
  • Online competible

Note: Transfers are not completely true. Important transfers were done but we will not complete all of them until DLC 2.00 because we don’t like double work.

Changelog: v0.6 -Added Complete Spor Toto Süper Lig (Liga ZON Sagres is also playable) -Updated latest kitserver (

PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.6 :

PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.6.1 :

rar password:

Important: Be sure about your PES 2013 is proper and stay out of SKIDROW releases. We are not responsible for game crashes.

Important: If you have installed 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3 versions of our patch, put original dt0c.img and dt04.img files or re-install PES 2013. Otherwise you may get some errors.


  • Delete old ‘pesbox-server’ folder.
  • Install the patch by using ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 v0.6 Installer.exe’ and be sure about the installation directory of PES 2013 is correct.
  • After installation finished, start the selector via ‘PeSBoX Anatolia 2013 Selector.exe’. Press ‘Patch Mode’ button for normal game or press ‘Online Mode’ button for online game.
  • Don’t forget run as administrator or disable UAC.
  • Mode selector requires ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0’.


  • Software Master: Ercan Ayan
  • OF Editors: Emre Sarı, erolkopuz, NeC
  • Kit Makers: Sefa Çelebi, Fatih Cesur, MsssT, conTRaksi, karacaoğlu, Recep Hazır, Edhem SESE, ahmetgs17, berkefb
  • Face Makers: ilhan_12, silah, Emre Özel, StifleR, İsmail_12, Akn35, Metin Samet, devillica, Legendary, EmreKaya1907, DeXTeR, by F!ko, Cevat_12, Réx
  • Stadium Makers: suatcagdas (sxsxsx), Gkan, Hasan Aktas, Yucel11, sisyrc
  • Graphic Makers: DracheN, ThsN
  • Video Makers: v1Ru5 Tv, trabzonsporlu61
  • Commentator: Emin Zevkliler
  • Translators: Arastotales, Joseph K., SerdarG
  • General Support: Batuhan SARIGÜL, Ziya Aygün, Kaan Akan, ßLaCKNiqHT, Berk Dereli, F. Yıldırım, ultrAslan34, tun4x, Ozan_12


  • Tools: jenkey1002, juce, barcafan
  • Kits: moody, IXOXOX, FC, Stonekoos, cuky, PESEDIT, BeasT, Tottimas, juaniyo, @oeband23, METAY, FAUDA19, RAM’Z 50, ALEPES, fabio100, ANDRE VIERIA, Caphca, rjpr, TASCI, LUCAS TRAVERSIM, MARIO88, BeFree, THE LOOORD, BAREL17, EDXZ101, HANSDELL, NNICOLAAS

If we miss someone in credits, please inform us.

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  1. Every time I try to play any game online I get “match abandoned due to unforeseen error” or something like that.

    Does anyone know why please? I am using full game on disc, not a cracked version.

    It’s driving me mad.


  2. Anyone else working online? Mine doesn’t and I have original disc. It disconnects me straight away. Please help if possible.

    Again, I am using original disc. Perhaps I have done something wrong.


  3. well this patch is great, only problem is, it disabled special effects like blur and motion blur .. any way to re-enable that? cause i like it, and my video card can take it..

  4. @ Crazy gooner

    Having the same problem. Can play MLO sometimes and have been able to play 1 online cup but most of the time I get in game 2 seconds and get the same error…