PES2013 No-Blur patch by jenkey1002

For PES2013 v1.00

Install :

– Extract & replace original pes2013.exe

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  1. The game simply closes whenever I try to play a exhibition match. Did you encountered this problem? I have downloaded PES from Skidrow

  2. Guys I used the skidrow crack on my skidrow game then I copied the rld.dll from the reload crack in the game folder aswell and my game doesnt crash anymore in exibition, try it.

  3. the crashing problem caused in the skidrow release .. go download the reloaded one .

    here is what reloaded typed on their nfo file
    ” Note: Besides using the usual cheap Securom hack, SKIDROWs release crashes.
    For instance when starting a match. We could point out that the crash is due
    to a broken data file (img\dt07.img). We could also point out that this file
    is also broken on a version of this game out on p2p. We could even point out
    that the files are identical. But it seems a bit pointless when they get
    away with this week after week. The practice appears to be as systematic as
    their denial of it. And other groups and siteops implicitly accepts it.
    We don’t know if this says more about them, or the scene. Cheers! “

  4. tenho td o pes instalado mas qndo abro o crack so fika carregando e n sai disso alguem ai sabe com resolver isso?

  5. where can i download the reloaded version? I am having problems with installing patch version 2.3 and it says its because am using skidrow crack. how do i correct this problem so i can be able to install and play the pes patch 2.3