PES 2013 English Commentary

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  1. please help me! it doesn’t work. i pasted it in my img folder of my demo but there is no commentary in the game. by the way i added a patch to the demo that might be the reason?

  2. Okay guys, listen up.
    All you got to do is extract the .img file in the img folder and rename it to one of the following: dt00_g.img dt00_s.img etc… This way the system is able to recognize the file. THEN what you got to do is run the game, go to Options, then language setting then Commentary Language and set the one you like. It will probably be displayed as German or Spanol depending on the suffix you have set to your dt00_#.img file in the game folder.

    Enjoy :)

  3. εμενα δεν μου σχολιαζουν καν τον αγωνα και τα εχω φτιαξει ολα ελληνικα!!