PES 2013 Demo – Unlock Teams Tool – v1.0.6

PES 2013 Demo – Unlock Teams Tool – v1.0.6

PES 2013 Demo – Unlock Teams Tool – v1.0.6

Change log :

- Improvement process speed
- No longer need 3rd library : does not require installation directX runtime

Features list :

Unlock setting : ball, stadium, match config…
LOD mixer
Enforce Image quality
Attaching : allow to attach unlocker to any pes2013 demo exe file
Replay disable (switchable)
Blur disable (switchable)
Module : scoreboard switcher, stadium switcher
Plugin : adboardserver, gameplay, settings saver, camera

Download :

Credit :

Master Juce for kitserver sourcecode.
Carby for settings unlocker
MxSonic for camera tool

Configuration tips :

Install/uninstall plugin : Open unlock config.exe -> Plugin -> select plugin and press install or uninstall for active/deactive that plugin

or use notepad edit unlock.ini

1=adbserv.dll -> write dll name

Use PES2012 stadiums for PES2013 demo :

Copy dt07 from pes2012′s “img” folder
rename to dt08 and move to pes2013 demo’s “img” folder, overwrite old file.
Open unlock config.exe and active “Stadium switch module”
Ingame selection : in top menu, use “I,J,K,L” for navigate & select


How to add adboard for adboardserver

  • Open stadium texture bin with PES UDE or PES Img Explorer & follow this tutorial

Use external img file instead original

  • Open unlock.ini and edit
    dt04 = 1
    dt08 = 1
    dt0b = 1
    dt0c = 1
    dt0d = 1
    dt0f = 1
    expand = 1
  • example : dt04 = 1, the game will load “ex04.img” instead “dt04.img”, if don’t want it please change to “0″
    if not the game will crash.
    “expand = 1″ allow to load expanded img file.

Add team :

  • Open “teams.ini” in unlock folder
    team.count = 4
    team.copa = 1
    [team list]
    1 = 5
    2 = 6
    3 = 12
    4 = 14

    team.count is team’s amount
    team.copa is onoff 4 Copa Libertadores teams.

  • in [team list] write the ID of team which want to add, team by team.

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