AFS Explorer Tutorial For Pes 2013 demo

This video tutorial will show you how to import files to the PES2013 Demo image files (dt06.img/dt0c.img etc) with AFS Explorer… it doesn’t matter if the files are bigger or smaller than the originals as AFS Explorer will rebuild the AFS ( .img file ) for you.
The most important thing is that you must name the files you want to import the same as the ones your going to replace so …. all files from Konami start with “unnamed_”…so for example … a file named unnamed_1461.bin is good BUT a file named face_1462.bin or Kit_1461.bin is no good and will not import.

Best viewed in 720pHD full screen

Here : AFS Explorer 3.7

by Hawke

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  1. hey cool tool but when i make a new commentary file …well it says that it has been updated but when i use this file it stills say the same name