PES 6 OptionFile Based on Football Manager 2012

Update Phoenix 29.4 + FacePack by only_goby

NEWS: Update 28.4 for Phoenix include massive change in players’ movement. They are now much more willing to join the attack, which makes defense very challenging. Let passing make the goals!!. Also, new teams are added in “OTher C”:

Note: Your face hair maps of yours can different from mine because I dont download the latest update of Phoenix. IF errors occur, you should only copy the part that linking face and hairs for “Star Teams” in my uploaded map.

Stars in Brazil,Stars in Argentina, Stars in Middle East…etc.

The most important factor making the distinct of this gameplay comes from FM’s excellent database. Unlike KONAMI, FM used real-life reports from coaches and scouts to assess players’ ability. As a result, converting the stats to Pes6 does not only make the gameplay more realistic, but also brings with it the the feeling of a manager, the feeling when we encounter the lifelike weakness and strengths of our beloved clubs.

The nature of my OF remains the same, but once have played, you will find this new 2012 update more difficult, especially when it comes to Master League.

This update witnesses the downfall of D. Villa, Torres, Higuain, Milito…, while Goetze, Lamela, Formica… are surging into the star stage.

P/s: If this is the first time you play my OF, you will find the stats absolutelt strange. But each player position needs their own different stats, don’ just look at the overall!.

For Phoenix Patch 2012 – based on FM12
Option File 2012:

(Update 29/4/2012, facepack for new team included)
Option File 2011:

For Shollym Patch 2012 – based on FM12
Shollym Total Clubs 2012: (Final 7/3/2012)
Shollym Total Clubs 2012: coming soon
Shollym 2011:

For Pes7 2011 Patch Summer Version
Option File:
Update by Pavel Corsaghin:
(Include Face&Hair Pack + some new players)

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