PES 2009 Total Soccer Patch FINAL Version

Improvements to patch brings:

**** New Menu
**** New Balls
**** New kits for season 2011-12
**** New Music in the game
**** New 100 emblems % accurate for all teams
**** Collection biggest scoreboard in bonus +
**** New leagues and cups
**** Video when entering the game
**** New jerseys for referees
**** Inserted Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League in Master League and Become A Legend
**** A lot of new faces
**** Stadiums
**** Inserted Euro in Master League and Become A Legend.

Two types of gameplay:
First Normal Gameplay
Noraml Gameplay= Default Gameplay
Total Soccer gameplay FINAL Version
High level of reality game.


**** Kits
**** Teams
**** Transfers
**** New Adboards
**** New Faces
**** New Gameplay (FInal Version)
**** Added Scoreboards
**** 56 Stadiums (GDB)

PES 2009 Total Soccer Patch FINAL Version Download :

More information on Facebook fan page.


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  1. Hey, I really would like to install this but there’s 24 parts! How do i get them all together? Can someone please post a tutorial or explain it to me?


  2. I downloaded all the parts, all 23 parts of the total soccer patch, but how to get them all together? Thanks!

  3. Hey, I installed and everything works great, but the new stadiums have a problem [the turf is black]. I run it on low quality so I read that must be the problem, can someone tell me at least 2 stadiums that work smoothly with low quality in this Final version? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey, I just installed this patch and got the problem. While I playing everthing works fine, but after match the screen show the table which say don’t send does anyone got the same problem? And can anyone tell me how to fix it? Regards.

  5. hey can anyone tell me how to download this patch with jdownloader
    i do same as in tutorial but al that link that i copy to jdownloader dont work and it say status offline
    please thanks

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