PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 New Features :

* New faces: More than 230 new faces added, in total more than 1800 faces in faceserver
* New kits: Brazil, Croatia, France, Internacional, Ireland, Lazio, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Santos, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, USA
* New team: SV Sandhausen
* Other: Updated a lot Copa Libertadores teams’ squads

Credits :

Pat, Simcut, Stavrello, kiko
fcb1719, KAY, Paul81118, QINCHAO
Adam99, Alex13, BlackRider1993, Cigman, godra94, HD3011, Joesitoh, Josemigol,
Kevski1991, locoloco, Lostfp, Onny, MichalGrau, Poncho0212, Sotirakis, Starkiller
alen_petrin, Asiat, Astracell, Biker Jim, Cuky, Damix, Deo reloaded, Diablos,
diegodacunha, Dimas Almarza, FLR, frontliner28, Josemigol, jvinu2000, klashman69,
Kolia V., Liquidsnake, KVZ_MILLWALL_UC, Mare 93, Millencolin, mstar, Müller Bento,
Prame33, R14, Sadik, Stanek, Tottimas, Txak, Venom, VinVanDam13, Virtuared
Disabled Blur by Tunizizou
Scoreboards by KO & Stranxk
We are using these tools to edit the game.
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
Kitserver by juce
PES 2012 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
PES Ultimate Data Explorer by barcafan

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 Download Links :

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3.1 (includes both DLC and game update!)06.05.2012 :

For more info see Readme.pdf inside.

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  1. De nada sirve si no actualizan la libertadores con sus equipos como nacionalde colombia,flamengo,boca y the the strongest. :(

  2. i play pes only with this patch for a long time , your job is excellent . may i ask , are you gonna add ligue 2 to one of the next patches???

  3. Great work dudes.I am playing PES only with those patches.My question are you gona include Uefa Euro 2012 patch in next patches ?

  4. como atualizaram os times do gremio e do cruzeiro se eles não tão mais na libertadores 2012, dã!

    não fiot, deixa queto mesmo, vá cuidar só dos seus time europeus mesmo

  5. este parche no contiene el nuevo dlc de konami, donde se dice que estaran todos los equipos que actualmente estan en la copa libertadores.

    estoy ansioso por ver a la U DE CHILE

  6. And i cant save FL.Switching to ML mode does nothing to game still have all teams under other latin american teams

  7. hi all. did anyone knows why the game is turning off when i try to save game (in became a legend/master league mode)? it’s happening only after install this patch. i had this problem with pes2011 and now with pes2012 but only after installed this patch.
    p.s. sorry for imperfect english :)


  9. When I tried to play online with this patch it gave a blue error screen… May be it’s something with the new DLC update. Please make a compatible patch, it needs a fix immediately !

  10. please fix crash problem when trying to save progress in master league.i had tried with another team, but the problem still there.if there any pogress, hope u can notice me..thanks alot an what a great jobs

  11. I lost my correct team names,team badges,menu patches and other stuff when i applied this.Probably cus of the new 1.06 patch and 4.0 dlc though.And a new kitserver will no doubt be needed ho hum

  12. Mine is full of Dummy players and Austria… any idea what I did wrong, or is it just like that. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling older patches that I don’t remember having any problems and suddenly I find Dummys in them too. Does it have something to do with uninstalling and then language settings, I read something about that.

  13. PES Edit Selector crashes when you are trying to switch the 2nd division leagues or scoreboards or stadiums. Please fix it.

  14. PES edit Selector crashes when switching 2nd divisions because the patch is not compatible with update 1.06 and DLC4.0, there are a lot of DUMMY players and AUSTRIA teams, because of that too, and many other bugs !!! Need a fix !

  15. And it’s not possible to play online, to save and load your career in Master League / Football Life… 5 days… already 5 days not able to playing PES properly because of this patch… And if you revert to any of the older versions, you get nothing, you need a patch compatible to the new updates.

  16. Kitserver will be released in 20 minutes this version will include ball server and stadium server.And of course will be compatible with 1.06 patch and dlc 4.00

    Regards Juno

  17. hi notice that there’s a fix crash problem when trying to save for the first time my progress in master league…am I the only one?? pls someone help me thx

  18. Problems

    i installed the 3.3 patch and the new 3.3.1 fix and ive now got red crosses on all emblems in the premier league (other leagues are ok).The only emblems which are ok are tottenham & Man utd which i believe to be the only 2 licensed english teams

  19. i have the same problems as Mat

    The game crash when you want to look in the ML roster, and also crash well when I turn on the game in the ML.

  20. i thought the red crosses were cus i got impatient waitin for kitserver and imported emblems manuelly into the orginal games img dt0f if i remember correctly

  21. Patch 3.3 with Fix 3.3.1 is working well..!
    To evoid red crosses and crash,you must uninstall the game before,
    install it again then patch..!
    I did it and it’s fine..

  22. F**K…i installed DVD Version Update File: and its telling me to insert the original disk of PES12 help me plxx :’(

  23. it isnt work the fix when i start the exe its fatal error: the dinamic library rld.ddl failed to load pls help me !

  24. Just because that file was deleted by your own antiviruses during setup..
    Turn it off and retry..

  25. when i tried to play copa libertadores 2012, i found that the teams are the same old ones before the DLC 4.0, how can i fix this cause i want to play with Universidad de Chile


  26. ballack17

    the best way for you is to uninstall the game..
    then you have to clean your computer from broken keys an others..!
    Use ccleaner for doing it..
    Install the game again and swich off your Antivirus software,
    just before installing patch 3.3 and Fix 3.3.1
    Should work..!

  27. well then u go in bitdefender in options and there must be exceptions , in exceptions u should choose pes 2012 folder

  28. Hey patch-team!
    first: i really love your work. thanx a lot…
    But this time i have got a problem: my safeguard (F secure) finds a malware in your 3.3.1-patch. it’s a “Trojan.Generic.7068566” in the data file: “rld.$$A”. At your facebooksite there are other gamers who talk about the same problem. Could u pls check this problem and repair it.
    Much thanx

  29. … and yes, i read the posts above. But i can’t really understand why u give the advise to ignore the antivirusprogramm. A virus is detected.
    So what should i/we do?
    Thx for an answer

  30. hi, i want to play premier league. I clicked on switch N power championship, but I got an error message, and in the game is still 2.bundesliga,any help for me?
    sorry for english

  31. Its not réally a virus…we call it a false positive..!

    You know that sofware antivirus don’t like some unknown files..!
    especially concerning C*R*A*C*K or others..!

  32. h*t*t*p://

  33. everything is amazing but i have 1 problem…i can’t play Master League..what can i do for this? please somoene help me…Thanks.! ;)

  34. jackbrink

    then that’s not the problem, cause i just started a new game and when i went to select copa libertadores 2012’s teams, i realized that there’s not the teams that appears in 2012’s edition, for example, as i said before, i want to play with universidad de chile but instead of that, appears the same chilean teams that appears in copa libertadores 2011 (colo colo, universidad católica, unión española).

    maybe i have to uninstall the game and re-install it again, with the DLC 4.0 and the pes patch 1.06 to get this problem solved?

    i would like an advice about it

    thank u very much

  35. Hello Diego

    Yes,I got the same mistake,
    In fact the releaser said :
    Other: Updated a lot Copa Libertadores teams’ squads
    So I think some teams are missing..!
    May be a next update later.!

  36. Jackbrink
    I´ve installed the 3.3.1 patch, but the Libertadores 2011 appears also in Libertadores 2012 too. How can I fix, step by step, PLEASE? Thanks

  37. hi, i want to play premier league. I clicked on switch N power championship, but I got an error message, and in the game is still 2.bundesliga,any help for me?
    sorry for english

  38. Henrique

    There is no way to fix it.!
    To my mind,a new update is needed.
    Just wait,PESEdit’s always doing good job..!

  39. hi
    which one of these full patches are better? PES patch 3.3 or PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK or others ? !!! which one should I go with?

  40. Can someone reupload the 3.3.1? I have the original game and I wanted to play it again for a little. I have all patches I needed to run my saved games but I need the 3.3.1 If someone reuploads it, I will give you my dropbox links. please