PES Img Explorer – a new PES Program !

PES Img Explorer – a new PES Program !

PES Img Explorer – a new PES Program ! That you can use in PES Editing !


The tool will be similar with GGS, PES UDE, Afs Explorer
Can use with both oldgen & nextgen file : PES6 & PES2011, 2012

Supported platforms:

PC & Console


Most of part in sourcecode is C++ compiled with VS2010 (not use .Net)
The tool use addition libraries
Zlib :
FFmpeg :
Libpng :

Features :

Img import,export file(s), folder
Img slot expander : add more slot for .img file (also support old format : .afs, .dkz) (100% done)
Texture preview, export, import : support up to 10 formats (.png, .dds, .tif, .tga, .bmp, …)
Audio preview, export, import : up to 32 formats convertable
(Video format convert to adx,aix)
Font editor : 50% done – working in PES6 font
Zlib & unzlib : PC & Console (100%)
Hex editor : 60% done
Str editor : 100% done
3D preview, export : export any PES 3dmodel to 3ds format (50% done – need more time with PES6 model)

Team members (currently) :

Omar Ahmed

PES Img Explorer coming soon.

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