MP3 To PES2012’s Playlist v2.0 by un.khung

MP3 To PES2012’s Playlist v2.0 by un.khung

MP3 To PES2012’s Playlist v2.0 by un.khung


*Description: – “MP3 To PES2012’s Playlist” is a simple Tool use to add MP3 Music to PES2012’s Playlist and it support all PES2012’s Patch (PESVN Patch, PESEdit Patch, FirePatch,PESSHOP Patch, SMoKE Patch, PSD Patch and much more…)

*Main Features:
+ Support all PES2012’s Patch.
+ Support Multi-Patches (If they are installed on one PC).
+ Auto-detect the correct path of the PES2012’s Patch.
+ Add MP3 File to PES2012’s Playlist.
+ Automatically generated “songs.txt”, include Song Name & Artist Name.
+ Display current PES2012’s Playlist.

– .NET Framework 4.0
– kitserver12

*How to Use:
1. Choose the correct PES’s Patch (If you have Multi-Patches installed).
2. Choose MP3 File.
3. Enter a Name of Song.
4. Enter a Name of Artist.
5. Choose a song from the current PES2012’s Playlist which you want to replace.
6. Press “Add to Playlist” button. Done.

– Do not need to copy to PES’s folder.
– Always “Run as Administrator” when using Tool.

*Credits: – Special Thanks to: LAME MP3 Encoder 3.99.3 & ADX Audio Decompression Tool v4.61.

*Link download:

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