PESVN Patch 2012 – 4.4 FINAL


Auto-Update KONAMI DLC 2.0 & KONAMI Patch 1.03.
Update Winter Transfer until 22/01/2012.
Dual-Language (English – Vietnamese)
Real Name for all Players and Teams in PES.
Default Gameplay of KONAMI.
Bonus: Gameplay Tool 5.0 by Jenkey.
Add 5 New Fonts.
Add New HD Balls.
Add New HD Boots.
Add New HD Logo Pack & 3D Logo Pack.
Add more than 700 New Faces.
Add correct Face for Coachs & Referees.
Add 11 Southeast Asia Teams.
Add Viet Nam National Football Team.
Add 5 All-Stars Teams.
Add New Players (P. Scholes, Henry, Ronaldinho, Beckham, G. Silva, Pires…)
Add My Dinh Stadium.
Add Vietnamese nationality in mode Become a Legend.
Add Full Kit for all Teams.
Replace Copa Libertadores by Europa League [this teams in Other America]
Add-on Super League (Vietnamese League)
New Leagues & Divisions: Super League + Bundesliga & nPower Championship + Liga Adelante + Serie B.
Full 32 teams Champion Leagues & 32 teams Europa Leagues
[only add not replace teams & add more than 50 slots for request teams]

1. Bundesliga.
2. Premier League.
3. Eredivisie.
4. Serie A.
5. Ligue 1.
6. ESPN.
9. Lig TV.
10. Juventus Channel HD.
12. Premium Calcio HD.
14. TVI.
15. TVE.
16. TF1.
17. BBC.
18. GolT.
19. RTP HD.
20. Canal+ HD.
21. Fantasy.
22. Red Style.
23. Red Black Style.
24. Rede Globo.
25. La Sexta HD.
26. Televisa Deportes.
27. TSC TV.
28. VTC HD.
29. EURO 2012.
32. Bóng Đá TV.
33. Arsenal TV.
34. Chelsea TV.
35. Liverpool TV.
36. MUTV.
37. true SPORT 3.
38. VTV3.
39. Fox Soccer.


PESVN Editor Team:


Thanks to: Juce, Barcafan, w!Ld@,… all kit maker, boot maker & face maker.

PESVN Patch 2012 – 4.4 FINAL Download :

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  1. Hi there are somethink kits that are wrong and are: hellas verona,torino,brighton & hove albion fc, cd alcoyano. Please to install a fix! thanks you!


  2. How to install it?
    And how to change a language to english .
    Plz send video . Or share the video to youtube how to install and change language. OK thnks to share pes 2012 final patch

  3. I Like your patch but I can not install because they are considered a virus, I use BitDefender….i have turn off my anti virus but still blocked when i extract rar….how can i install..???

  4. Where are faces players like Abate,Mangala etc.? 70% of country is not translate an English.Please change this VN team.

  5. Sorry when i lunch the game i see only vietam language, I watch the video but is different from what i see on my computer when i lunch the game.

    I see only this:
    moi tap choi
    nghiep du
    thong tuong
    chuyen nghiep
    chao tu

    if i try to click in one of this, he ask me to create a player….what i wrong??

  6. The best patch so far! However, I have one problem. When using jenkey gameplay exe and exit PES it appears error screen. How to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  7. Last year PESVN 2011 is the best, but this year the languages like messed up. Luckily I can find how to change back to english… thanks PESVN!

  8. This is a great patch. my problem is that the language has changed from english to another. How can i take it back to english

  9. this is a best patch ever!! thanks 4 making it…it has everything

  10. PLS help me with the language… The menu is displaying with “moi tap choi
    nghiep du
    thong tuong
    chuyen nghiep
    chao tu”.. I am confused… What i suposed to do?? PLS HELP ME….. SOS!!!!!!!

  11. @HarvenIsaac: PESVN Patch 2012 – 4.4 Final has total 5 Part, you can try to download Part 2 fromt 3 Mirrors: MediaFire, UL and 4Shared.

    @hema: Follow these instructions to play World Cup:
    Step 1. Delete file named “_33.bin” in folder “kitserver12/PESVN Patch/dt04.img”.
    Step 2. Play World Cup in PES, make a save file then exit PES.
    Step 3. Run Selector and install 2nd Divisions (nPower, Liga Adelante or Serie B).
    Step 4. It’s all OK, now you can play World Cup by loading the save file you has created in Step 2.

  12. can anyone HELP me please? my game is crashed after loading the master league so i cant continue my master league game. is there any solution???

  13. nnah, found the solution.

    change the language in game but not english, turkce or something.
    than the language changed to english.

  14. Patch is good.But there are some basic problems. Many championship players have wrong ages and Nationalities. Eg : R.Williams is 17 and Australian. Not 25 and Belgian, like in the patch. Waghorn is 19, not 35. Benjani skill is 44? Why? Please correct these for D2 clubs. D1 teams looks okay. If possible, add more than 18 in D2. I hope you release an update with new transfers and fixed player ages and nationalities. Cheers

  15. Why I can’t play exhibition ,uefa champions league , uefa eropa league , and maste league can’t save . Can’t tell me how to fix that?.
    It’s pro evolution soccer has stop working . Zzz

  16. My dream patch, nice work dude, you all are the best, waiting for a patch like this. Thanks alot, and keep it up. You all are great. By the way which language do you use for program this patch. Nice job man.

  17. I already install and everything, but when im trying to run the game, it said error something like uninstall ? i uninstall and re-install it back almost 3 times, but no change, still error… help me.

  18. do i have to install all parts from 1 to 5, or only one part? cos they all seem the same when i extract and run the installer.

  19. Just found a solution to my problem…if u want to change everything to English,just go to google and type in PES 2012 english language of the results will be filetube…open filetube and look for speedyshare and download the file..unrar the file after downloading and copy it(its called dt05_e..go to the img pes folder…paste the unrared file there to replace it with the already existing dt05_e(this one shud be deleted)…enjoy…