PES2012 OMAWA English Version

PES2012 OMAWA English Version

Omawa patch PES2012 PS2 SLES_556.56 NEW PATCH

- Original edit kits for Premier League, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04
- 100% all club & national team original emblems
- There are new national team, Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand-Vietnam
- LIBERTADORES and Classic Teams in match mode
- Original national kits with logos team
- Original club names, stadium names, league names
- Transferes cheked and missing transfers done
- New Players Added like: Ronaldinho, Diego, Insúa, Hargreaves etc.
- Added Colored Boots like Originals

PES2012 OMAWA English Version Complete SLES_556.56 Download :

filesonic download filesonic download filesonic download
fileserve download fileserve download fileserve download

note: You must use OMAWA OPTION FILE to PERFECT the game

Option File : Download.


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