PES 2012 DLC 2.0 Official Released ! (PES 2012 DataPack 2.0)

PES 2012 DLC 2.0

– update to the Japan national team home and goalkeeper’s uniforms
– 14 new football cleats
– 3 new footballs.

PES 2012 DLC 2.0 Download :

* copy to C:// ProgramData / Konami / Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 / download

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  1. Thanks.

    If you guys don’ find the folder “download” create it… (make new folder and rename to download in ProgramData – Konami – Pro Evolution Soccer 2012)

    Check also for all files in your computer to be visible… (Organize, Folder and Search Option, View – check option Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives – OK)

  2. Sadly I downloaded this datapack (inside the game, in Extra Contents) and I can tell you it’s full of mistakes. There are several DUMMY players in almost every teams. I had a ML with Real Madrid; there’s dummy on behalf of Kaka, Lassana Diarra, Marcelo, R. Carvalho etc. can anyone help me? I have SMoKe patch 4.2 + 4.2.3 and the official 1.03 patch. I would really like to continue my carreer but in this way it’s unacceptable. please help

  3. so if I have had a MasterLeague with smoke patch 4.2 +4.2.3 + 1.03 patch with 11.10.2011 datapack and I downloaded the new Datapack by misadventure, can I do anything in order to make my savegame work?

  4. i installed it but nothing changed no new nothing exept some players font have the reguler shoes like c.ronaldo di maria kaka almost all real madrid and more

  5. I have installed vietnam patch and after i installed this data pack my premier league team names changed, what could be the problem?

  6. wassup guys ,,i just updated via my game interface.. to the new datapack .. how can i fix player stats,emblems,team names.. please do recommend the latest patch.. please

  7. Impossible to play online, 2 or 3 sec when i start game and up disconnect

    this match will be abandoned because the game can not continue because of unforeseen circumstances

  8. Greeting to all,
    i just bought this game for PS3 and i really know nothing about so called “patch” “DLC” and “option file”. Got confused by all these terms and diff ver…All i want is just to have all the teams updated into the correct kit,logos etc…can some kind souls out there help me with some idiot guide steps to do it.Mine is BLES 01406..Thanks so much

  9. look guys…u extract the file….ull get the file named “dt0f.img”

    u move it to the folder “img”
    and delete the old one first it worked for me ;)

    remember to delete the old “dt0f”
    then move the new one to the folder

  10. I installed the game to the folder “Programs (x86)” and I don’t have that folder “ProgramData”… Can somebody help me pls?