Hello Every One
This Is My New Tool Player Importer & Exporter.

How To Use :
(I Upload Pes2012 Decryptor by W!ld With This Tool)

1- You Must Decrypt Edit.bin Before Open It
2- After Edit And Save Encrypt It

If You Want To Use Multiple Import You Must Do That

1- Make A New Folder
2- Put In It Your (Players.P12Player) Wich You Exported Befoer
3- Rename Them For Example :

You Exported (MAEDA And ENDO) Their Ids Are (220,250)
And You Want To Import Thim On
(DUNNE And KILBANE) Their Ids Are (721,726)

You Must Rename

220.P2012Player (MAEDA`s Id )
721.P2012Player (DUNNE`s Id)

250.P2012Player (ENDO`s Id )
726.P2012Player (KILBANE`s Id )

4- Select (DUNNE And KILBANE) Form The Lsit And Click Import
5- Select The Folder Wich You Rename Files In It And Click Ok
6- Congratulation!!
(MAEDA) Insteade Of (DUNNE) And (ENDO) Insteade Of (KILBANE)

Pictures :

v1.0 beta
– Import & Export Multiple Players From Edit.bin
– Copy & Paste Players
– First Realese

Thanks For W!ld For Decryptor & Encrypt Tool
Thanks For EPT Team For Decrypt & Encrypt Code

Player Importer & Exporter v1.0 beta by Omar Ahmed :

filesonic pes-patch.com download uploading pes-patch.com download

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