– Kits bug fixed (no crash)
– No transfer update (waiting for DLC 1)
– KONAMI Patch 1.01 compatble
– Separated exe
– Corrected all team names
– Corrected logos for all teams and leagues
– Bundesliga (no players)
– Apoel and Bate Borisov (no players)
– Corrected kits for Premier League/Liga ZON Sagres/Bundesliga
– 31 teams in CL selecton mode
– Unlocked all Libertadores teams in Exibition/ML/BAL
– Scoreboard selector
– Logos selector
– No blurr


1 – Run “Setup – PES.exe”
2 – Select your PES 2012 installation folder
3 – Create a shortcut of “PES 2012 Ultimate Patch.exe” to your desktop

Juce, Jenkey1002, Barcafan, KO, Josemigol, PEStinatoR, all kitmakers…

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  1. My antivirus finds a trojan and doesn’t let me finish downloading it. Is it a false alarm or something?

    // it’s false alarm.

  2. why i cant play the game. it mention,
    Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the app will ignore this error and attemp to cont (but still notin happen).
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    // run files as administrator.

  3. it’s a wonderful patch i have just installed very big thanx… oo only i have one question will ı copy document file to mey documantary?

  4. I can’t get to install it =/ can someone help? I downloaded it and got the .img file, but i’ve tried mounting it with daemon and alcohol120 and even changing the name from .img to .iso but it doesn’t seem to work =/
    thank you

  5. Running for that exe dont work online. So i attach to pes2012.exe and online works. But no logos for EPL, Bundesliga and Liga zon sagres, kits are fine, just logos missing. For EPL i can get logos but for Bundesliga and LZS more hard…

  6. Razib,we love you!
    Your patches are two leagues better than the rest.
    Every patch for Pes2011 was from you and I never regret for that.Keep up with good work,you are truly best patchmaker.