To install this boots you do this :

1 : copy the dt0c.img in kitserver (“C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\pesedit\img” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\example-root\img”

2 : You Play !!

The BOOTPACK of NILTON is composed in 4 steps of installation:

1 : folder “3d” contain “Boot Demo” appear when choosing your boots.
2 : folder “boots” contain “Boot Play” appear on the player in the game.
3 : folder “Marcas” contain “Boot Brands” appear when choosing your boots on the top of right.
4 : folder “previas” contain “Boot Previews” appear when choosing your boots in the grid.

All these “.bin files” are referenced in my patch in the “dt0c.img”.
Consequently, you have just to follow the logic for add other boots.
(need game graphic studio)
(ps : if you want rename your boots in play you have to need “boot changer” in tools)

Thanks to Michał17Widzew (boot changer) and Nilton (all Boots)

For all information :

Sorry for my badly english (i’m french…!)


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  1. when i go to the boot selection it shows the pes boots and same stats but on the player it looks different. Help please also the quality of the boots are very low

  2. pwned : i haven’t your problem into my pes with my boot pack. My quality is good and there is the same boots in preview or play. sorry but i’m not capably to resolve your problem

    Diaz : C’est plus simple que cela. j’ai travaillé avec les bootpacks de NIlton (que tu trouveras plus bas dans ce forum “boots” et j’ai simplifié la démarche d’installation puis j’ai également modifié certaines couleurs et certaines textures avec GIMP photoshop etc)

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