After months of hard work and many sleepless nights, we are delighted to announce that the Daymos // OPE 360 file is ready for download.

The file includes allows you to play with the official teams from the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga, Liga Zon Sagres, Bundesliga and English npower Championship.

This file will work for everyone – even those who don’t have an Xbox Live account.

Here’s the tutorial, showing you how to get the option file onto your Xbox 360 console.

Due to time constraints, not all Bundesliga kits are finished. However, all Bundesliga emblems and squads have been updated. These issues will be fixed in the future when an update is released.

With this option file, you are able to download the latest DLC. When installing data pack 1, when promoted, click “apply” to update the registered lineup data, and also ensure that you overwrite the edit data when you are asked.


filesonic download wupload download uploading download

Daymos OPE Elite PES2012 & WE2012 OF b4 Konami Update v1.01 :

This file is based on someone who hasnt installed the Konami updates yet…

The file im still working on willl work 100% after the konami updates and willl fix alot of issues

filesonic download wupload download uploading download


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  1. Not bad, but it could be better.
    Some strips are missing logos, texts…
    for example Chealse Away Strip doesn’t contains anything. It is a simply black strip.
    Anyway, good job!

  2. hi, thx for patch!
    i have a question, i installed only v1.01 because
    i never go online, but i never get a dlc pack to
    apply and in game everything is fine but i have
    no transfers, what did i wrong?

  3. I have same problem like angello. Is it possible to update DLC 1.01 without online to XBL? I don’t have sufficient internet connection. Thanks..

  4. guys you cant install DataPack 1 without going on Xbox Live. Daymos means you need to have it installed for the first link and the second link is for those who don’t have data pack 1 (before v1.01)

  5. why i cant install this?
    after i transfer the files to the dok and plug it in the xbox it show me that the dok is empty..
    maybe i’m doing wrong?

  6. Guys I have a problem! I transferred the patch to my hardrive and afterwards I downloaded the pack from pes. I’m not sure if that is the reason, but none of the bundesliga squads are correct and are full of random duplicate players – whilst the real players like gotze and kagawa e.g. are free agents. Any help?

  7. this worked for me hahhahaha…idc if some are not complete…thanks daymos *brofist* i installed it 100 by 100 put 100 in the flas then transfer it to the games and like bettter that way