PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.0 Features:

* Correct emblems, kits, map locations, goal net styles, team ranks, for all teams in the game
(Clubs and National)
* Correct player names for unlicensed national teams
* Complete Bundesliga including correct squads, kits, lineups, emblems, map locations;
All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
* Corrected league structure (Bundesliga, corrected Champions League)
* Disabled blur in gameplay
* New sound.

NOTE Transfers are default because there will be a DLC by KONAMI soon to update it and
not even we like double work.

NOTE2 This patch is not compatible with KONAMI’s 1.01 update, so do not install it after installing the patch. (If it is installed already and install the patch it will overwrite it)

1. Delete the folder “kitserver” from the PES 2012 main directory and also delete the start menu folder “PESEdit 2012 Patch” – skip this if this is the first time you install PESEdit  2012 Patch.
2. Install the patch using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installed PES 2012 to.
3. Start the game via pes2012.exe / start menu folder “PESEdit 2012 Patch” / PESEDIT SELECTOR

Pat, Simcut, Stavrello, kiko
Kits made by the following Kitmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
Kits made by the following Kitmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
alen_petrin, Asiat, Astracell, Biker Jim, Cuky, Damix, Deo reloaded, Diablos, Dimas
Almarza, FLR, frontliner28, Josemigol, jvinu2000, klashman69, Kolia V., Liquidsnake, Mare
93, Millencolin, mstar, Müller Bento, Prame33, R14, Stanek, Tottimas, Txak, Venom,
VinVanDam13, Virtuared
We are using these tools to edit the game.
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
Kitserver by juce
PES 2012 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
PES Ultimate Data Explorer by barcafan

For More open Readme.pdf

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  1. helppp….i can’t copy the crack from pes12…it is something from the antivirus.i have the eset nod32..pls help me. the error is about the rld.dll file.i can’t copy that file.anyone help

  2. marius, just put the “rld.dll” in the nod/eset exception list in the antivirus settings (advanced settings).

    It is a false error

  3. Disabled blur in gameplay made by jenkey1002, your team should respect him and add him in credit list. I’m very disappointed about the way you did. PESEDIT Team become worse and worse !

  4. Oh… PES Edit patches was always been very good cuz it never change the real gameplay and graphics…. and add a lot more to the game

    Not now … Why did they disable blur? Many people love blur … With it the game looks a lot more realistic…

    This is just stupid…

  5. 1) You must run as administrator pes2012.exe
    2) It’s necessary adding rld.dll in Antivirus Exceptions
    3) Transfers aren’t changed because KONAMI will release a DLC for them

  6. please anyone help us? how can i put blur on? just makes the game appearence more real! with no blur just look like toys! PLEASE BLUR ON! HOW TO PUT IT ON AGAIN?

  7. hey guys, my patch works sound, only thing i don’t seem to be able to find the selector at all and all there is as a second division is bundesliga 2. Is it because you only have bundes 2 at this stage. Did I install it wrong or something? What’s up with the selector… great patch though, as always…

  8. NOTE Transfers are default because there will be a DLC by KONAMI soon to update it and
    not even we like double work.That say patch creators

  9. So if my game freezes after installation the only thing I need to do is run pes2012.exe as administrator and delete the dir in documents/konami/pes2012?
    To enable blur I can delete unnamed_63 from dt04.img folder in the kitserver??

    Can someone with game freezing at startup and crashing confirm this works?
    Thanks for the work

  10. I have eset nod 32, put the rdl.dll in the excepcions table, but the antivirus still don´t let me copy the file. If I disable antivirus I can copy but then when it´s on the nod32 deletes the file in a flash! what to do?

  11. Good work guys.
    As usual I will follow every your update step by step.
    I’m sure you will repeat the great work this year for pes 2012,like you did for pes 2011. :-)

  12. The patch works great thanks! We really need a patch update for the keepers. They completely suck and either don’t move or have butter hands.

  13. works fine. thanks for removing the blur. the graphics look better now.
    but please make tottenham and manchester united KIT NUMBERS FONT like the other premier league clubs.

  14. 2 things.
    How can I enable the Motion Blur?! “by removing unnamed_63 from dt04.img in kitserver is correct form?”

    And How can I Take back the original music from the game, I dont´t like the new one..
    Please Reply me! :)

  15. hi,Hlix…you can put english language by search then put it in pes program files…you get it from here.. just search pes 2012-english language,when you finished download,put it into program file —> konami —> PES 2012 ——-> (img) folder…by the way,i had downloaded lastest version..can I download it???any reply…..plssssss….