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  1. How to set PES 2012 settings to play like : 1st player on keyboard and 2nd on joystick…i tried to set, but something refuse to apply my settings..i put contoller2 joystick and then apply..and nothing ..only can be seted to contoller 1 play on joystick and then contoller2 cant play on keyboard…do i need to have 2nd Joystick to play multyplayer with my brother or what..?

  2. If u want to play PES 2012 hotseat with keyboard and joystick or with 2 keyboards, then go to the game folder and start settings.exe . From the tab “Controller” leave controller 1 like it is – “–” and then from the falling menu choose controler 2. Then for controller 2 from device choose Joystick or keyboard, depends on what is in the input. Enjoy :)