PES2012 camera setings for PES2011 by spyros17ronaldo

I try to make a camera with camera setting tool 1.6 like this in pes2012 …i really love it!!
These are the settings for anyone who wants it:

zoom near=200
zoom far=130

and second version which i like it more(enable pes 2010 camera first)
zoom near=150
zoom far=196

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  1. Hi Yesterday I bought pes 2012, and I don’t like the camera angles. In Pes 2011 I always play with camera close and in pes 2012 they remove this camera. I used the patch of Mxsonic but when I use camera close you don’t see de radar below and it isn’t they same as pes 11.

    So Can you make for me they Camera Close of pes 2011 for me for pes 2012

  2. please some one tell me how to get camarra settings online and change the pass the ball to a blank space went the player got it he automatical passes to no one n i hate that some one tell me i they made a update all the transfer player are still n same team ????