Paul Breitner (born 5 September 1951 in Kolbermoor, Bavaria) is a former German football player.
One of Germany’s most controversial players, he was capped 48 times for his country.

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  1. @ Majky.7 : i agree. i used someone else’s skeleton of breitner.
    but the texture is my own works. try to search ‘breitner’ in google, you can find the picture(photo) i used.
    and i resized the skeleton in face & hair to fit each other.

    if i had known whose works of the skeleton, i had written credits.
    well, i’m sorry to original creator of the skeleton.

    anyway i want to know the original creator of the skeleton.
    is there anyone to let me know that?

    to pes-patch admin :
    i can’t submit my files on because i can’t login here.
    i used to use public pc. maybe that’s the reason why.
    anyway thanks for posting my files instead of me.

  2. # i’m sorry to ‘p777’. i have used his skeleton data on ‘paul breitner’ face i threaded before without permission. p777 had made the skeleton of ‘paul breitner’ face when pes2010. if i had known that i had given credits.
    by the way the texture is 100% my own works. you can easily find the picture(photo) i used with google search.
    i resized the skeleton in face & hair to fit each other, and i applied texture-eyes.#

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    Can you make ‘paul breitner face’ in pes2012?
    Because the composition of data has changed, it is impossible 100%.
    The log that you rewrote many times must not forget to have everything.

    To a stupid liar