PES2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6.3 Titanium

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6.3 Titanium update features :

– Added special supporters banners for 26 clubs.
– Updated some players stats.
– Updated nPower teams kits.
– Updated some faces/kits.
– Some in-game graphical enhancements.
– Some minor tweaks and fixes.

* you need installed first Titanium FULL 3.6.2

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  1. poor, I expected better from smoke patch its usually one of the best….

    Kits arent official, fake kits, text is mixed looks horrible…hope to see a fix but until then I wont be using it, awful.

  2. Mikal, you are an idiot, the patch is perfect! This is just an update!
    Thanks again, mr. smoke. Any chance of the Dutch 2nd division? Or at least RKC, who gone up?

  3. Sorry, forgot something. I miss the kits of FC Twente and Roda JC. Twente I have found myself, but could you make Roda JC?

  4. @cris1530, we do not use GDB folder anymore.
    @Mikal, please be careful before submitting such a message, this is not the patch this is the UPDATE, download the full 3.6.2 before this and things will be correct.
    @DJ, kits will updated soon, specially those of Netherlands and French leagues.
    when all leagues are decided leagues will be edited accordingly, adding other 2nd divisions might not happen, but nothing is impossible ;)

  5. this patch is not working on x86, appears this message “smoke patch not totally installed because of uninstall.exe :(

    i extract hte installation on another PC and copy kitserver and save files to my pc folder game but the patch does not working all kits wrong and German liga :(

    any ideas

  6. This is acctually the best patch I was able to find in net.
    Good job guys.
    Would be nice to add more national teams even such a as SAN MARINO, ANDORA, FAROE ISLES, LUXEMBURG, LICHTENSTEIN …it would be so nice although I know nobody would really play with these teams but it would be nice to play against them when me and friends organize a multi-tournaments.
    I can try to help in creating these teams but just need to have a small example tutorial (pict and steps) how to add them.

    Let me know and I can try to help.


  7. Why don`t work to play P1 vs P2 , I connect the gamepad to pc , I choose in the settings CONTROLLER : CONTROLLER 2 – Generic USB JOYSTICK and then OK. I run the game and in EXIBITION when choose P1 vs P2 , says like I don`t have the gamepad connected but is connected to pc , I don`t understand ………….

  8. @Hany, patch works fine, be sure to use latest winrar application win to extract the files.

    @jack, there is a plan to add most national teams of the world, still wont do that until a problem is solved with the +100 newly added slots.

    @Doru , this have nothing to do with the patch, be sure ur controller is properly working (control panel) and be sure its set in the settings.exe of the game.

  9. hi! what stats has this patch?…and this patch has a league selector or what i can choose from 2d legue?

  10. @pencil, patch have its own ratting system for stats, no selector because its an option u select during installation.

    @chetan, kits are all in .bin format, next patch will have GDB folder (converted the bin to gdb)

    @person_x, no release date so far, work is suspended for a couple of weeks (broke my arm playing real football)

  11. hi i have a gamepad
    i play fifa 11 with it
    but it does not get recognised in pes 11 settings
    i cannot config it
    either direct or x input
    is there any patch to make it work>>>??